M+ Tormented Hero Title Score Updated Daily

But anyways.

I think arguing about something that is going to be implemented anyways is useless.
The title is coming, alot of people are happy about it, most dont care, some are somehow angry.
**As long as some people are happy about it, its a win. **
If your not one of the people, then just ignore it an move on. You’ll get something else later that does people dont care about.

What we should care more about is what the game is missing and what should be implemented in the future.

Iam actually on your side, some epic questlines telling cool storys would be nice.
Something like the Rohk’delar questline would be pretty nice.

Also a new mount achievment cough cough. Last one is 400 or smth? :smiley: Im near 700 >.>

Thorghast couldve been alot better. Tbh i think thorghast in itself is alot better than islands. More replayability and in theory alot of fun possibilies with the powers and stuff.
But the implemantation was just… not rewarding? And forcing people in there for legendarys.

Imagine there where only cosmetics in Thorghast, alot more, not the sorry excuses we currently have. And new powers from time to time.
Could’ve been really good, was a disaster.

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My focus has very much been on what the game is missing, but also very much on what Blizz should be focusing on.

I’m not arguing that the title should be removed, I’m arguing that they should have focused on a lot more important things than a title. And beyond that, who is going to even look at the the title and think “oh wow Shadowlands season 2 M+ champ, nice!”? Nobody will know what it means. Atleast give them a tabard or something.

You argue ask for more mount achievements, but do we really need that either? Once again it’s encouraging an unhealthy behaviour. (And I’m not claiming that my commitments to this game or thread is particularly healthy either).
Do we even need so many mounts. We only seem to be getting multiple recolours over and over. It would be nice if Blizz focused on quality and not quantity.

Also if Torghast even had cosmetics or any reward for that matter when it was first implemented, I think it would have been accepted a lot earlier on, and more people would have given it a chance from the get go. It lacked a reason to do it, beyond the “chore” of doing it weekly for making the Lego.

And I will thank you also for being more down to earth with this last response. However, I would still rather see Blizz concentrating on more important matters in this game. Reducing the amount of difficulty levels and return to a more linear progression line would be great.

Very much so. Is that a problem?

Now iI know you are a Gladiator/Mythic raid person. I realise that it wasn’t a perfect expansion for you guys. But for someone who enjoys the World of Warcraft theme, storyline, having fun things to do, and being able to enjoying the game at a non-competitive level, it was perfect!

As I say, I even used to PVP in BFA because there was something worth working towards.

Ambition is called going out and getting that degree or doctorate. Ambition is going out, travelling and seeing the world. Ambition is going and getting that dream job. Ambition is having a family and growing a beautiful home.

Don’t mistake ambition for time wasting in a computer game.

But right now and for all of Shadowland, WoW is designed for these players only! The content out for the non competitive player is not only low quality and also low quantity.

Just because a player enjoys competitive content doesn’t mean the player should ignore the rest of the game. Otherwise you get the spoilt players who post threads like “I want to PVP, why do I have to PVE for this trinket?” Why not just play WOW the way it was intended, or go play something else.

Not really. It was go out and farm anima content with anima artificially scarce. I remember going out to farm in late 9.0 I needed 30k anima and working from every anima source (every chest and rare) in the game it took me about 4 weeks. That’s not fun content. Island expeditions were fun content.

But they were implement about 5 times in various different colours… quality is not quantity.

All island expedition rewards where recolours.

I mean, island where the definition of repetitive content that you despise so much.
They got better rewards tho, none of those rewards where special. All recolours.
But atleast you got something there, so i guess thats a plus point.

I cant say much too this since like you mentioned before my focus in the game is different from yours.
I just know that nearly all my friends that dont raid / pvp quit during BFA.
And their reasoning was that BFA was not fun, the story was bad (SL is not better).
They liked the sauerfang cinematics tho (me aswell). Those where sick.
But the ingame stuff was kinda meh.
And that the couldnt play pve or pvp in any shape or form because there where so many dumb system pilled ontop of each other, and if they didnt grind they got steamrolled everywhere.

It had some cool questlines here and there but most of it was … weird?

But interesting to see that there are people that actually like BFA :smiley:

What was there to work towards that not here now? I probably forgot something here.

I mean its literally the definition of trying to get better or be succesful.

Everyone in this game that wants to improve his character by getting gear has an ambition.
Its literally one of the core principles of a game. Especially an MMORPG.

Please tell me what is designed for the Top 0.1%?
If the game was designed for the 0.1% theyre would be no gear
There would be no Reputations you need to grind.
There would be no Dailys.
There would be no new Zones, no Mounts, no Transmog, no Toys.

Majority of the “Top 0.1%” just wants to raid / pvp / play high M+.

Everything else that the game requires you to do so you can do those things while being at the best possible starting point is just chores you have to do before you can raid / pvp / M+.

I mean seriously.
Tell me what is in this game right now that was “just for the top0.1%”.

Mythic Raiding.
Rank 1 Titles in PvP.
Rank 1 Titles in M+.
I guess high lvl M+? But thats just M+ with higher numbers.

I mean lets look at 9.2 as a Patch.
Go through the Patch Notes.
What in there is for the 0.1%.

Mythic Raid, but the raid is also for everyone else. So Mythic Boss Design Abilites only.
Mythic AVs + Mount. But those are … well … kill a boss x.

The M+ title, nice.
A new pvp title. (Cosmic Gladiator is actually pretty cool).

Everything else is for the general playbase.
The Zone, Quests, Rares, Secrets, Treasures, Story, Mounts.

Like 99% of this game is made for everyone. Sure the top 0.1% participates in those activitys aswell, but mostly not out of their free will. But because player power is locked behind them.


But except the Parrot, they were recolours of mounts from different times in the game. Rather than the same 5 recolours put into the same patch.

Point. But Islands were do 3 for a week and you were done. There wasn’t a progression line around the repeat repeat repeat.

Its amazing how people have different opinions. though I’d admit, I would have rather they either picked Faction War or N’Zoth and stuck with it through out the entire expansion. But they went through both and ended up somewhere else.

But generally, the stuff to do was great, and logging into Dazar’alor every day and hearing that awesome music… fantastic.

Well, for me, I could partake in the Faction Assaults, and earn conquest through the chest drops and buy the Gladiator transmogs and top it off with some BGs.

In SL, the Transmogs are just recolours of the Dungeon sets, which are already not particularly pleasing to the eye. So don’t really feel like I need to go and get them.

But in this partner ship, the only really successful party is Blizzard, because they can save money and produce less content whilst the players just repeat the same thing over and over.

what can you take away from doing this? Putting on a CV, I spent 8 months of my life earning an exclusive Title in World of Warcraft? Is that success?

Sure, but your character stops gearing at +15. So why keep going?

For an imaginary number?

Because they want it easy mode and to repeat repeat repeat.

And can we just define the 0.1%. The 0.1% is the 0.1% of the players who do M+ above +15. And that is then 0.1% of the player base that is remaining in the game because other players have left due to lack of content.

So just imagine how small that 0.1% REALLY is.

The conduit system, the legendary system and all the other pointless grinds are put there to make the game more challenging for the 0.1%, because they’re items designed to make the game more

If you want to be the best you need to work for it and that involves doing things that you might not want to do. The reason why, to make the position more exclusive to be in. Because people are going to give up trying to get there.

If you don’t want to do other parts of the game outside PVP or M+ to progress in those areas, those areas which some of us enjoy start to become obsolete and the game starts to split off into the mini games it’s become i.e just PVP, M+ or Mythic raiding. Why not just put 3 different games out there and do away with WoW altogether? I’m sure plenty of players will happily sign up for that. WoW should be seen as a full package and not be treated as individual elements.

Pointless Titles being rewarded to the 0.1%.

But that part of the game at the most is terrible and neglected. You seem to be forgetting that.

I appreciate, you’re trying to bring up the past of the game. But it doesn’t take away from the fact Blizz have better things to concentrate on at the moment than a pointless title for pointless content.

Thats actually true, problem is if they use something like that every time it gets old pretty quickly.

Done with the weekly cap, if you needed AP you had to do alot more. And in that sense, Thorghast is 2 times per week and your done (before they made soul ash infinite)

I think they shouldve made N’zoth an entire expansion on its own. Having the entire world invaded by old gods and stuff couldve been pretty cool.

Yep that music was very nice.
But tbh as much as we like to flame the devs for the game, the artists working on the music and the world itself deliver every patch.
Top notch stuff there

I guess in BFA the non elite versions where the “warfront set”.
So a recolour aswell, but not one you get shoved in your face 24/7^^ elite was always a raid recolour i think.

Less content is bad for everyone.
Last few months at blizzard where a disaster for everyone.
Casuals got no new content, raid was medicore and full of useless system that made everyones life a nightmare. (Domination Shards >.< )
And PvP is… diffrent xD So many random one shots that you can randomly die in 1 global against nearly every comp without any counter play.

I mean, look at every game.
People really like to chase those numbers or titles.
Why do people try to get better in League? Why do people try to get better in CS:GO or literally any other game.
It’s just pixels.
But people like being “good” at something. And if that something that gives your “skill” a number then they go after that.

I mean people pushed High M+ before Raider.io or a score was in the game.
They wanted to be the ones with the highest keys cleared.
Pixels, just numbers, but there are people that care about that.

In the end you probably care about your own character aswell to a certain degree.
If we talk in binary that character is also just numbers.

Exactly not that.
The top 0.1% DONT want the game to be easy.
The exact opposite. The harder and more challenging the better.
What we dont want is having to jump through 20 hoops to get to the real content we want to play.
I want to raid. I want to progress on difficult bosses. I dont want to be locked behind 20 Days of boring grind so i can start doing a boss without feeling super behind.

PvP would also be really nice if everyone had the same gear.
Sure gear is rewarding and a core concept of an MMORPG, but against other players i would like for skill to matter, not if i farmed AP for 30 days.

That was not made for the top. Those where “design” ideas for everyone. New abilites, new ways to costumize your game play.
And none of those make the game more challanging.
I mean what challange is there to farm a conduit and put it in your soulbind?

All these systems are designed for the general players, not the top %.
Those are base elements of game design.

The whole covenant stuff was just not very good.

And this is also an example where the Top 0.1% was super against blizzard.
The whole “choose your covenant” and “your choice matters” made the game worse for everyone.
Being able to test different abilites, try out new talents, conduits and so one is generally fun.
Not being able to switch between them made the whole thing alot worse than it is.

As in every game, people like to orient themselfs at the top % of players when choosing what to play.
But most of these guys dont think WHY the top players pick it.
Best example are venthyr boomkins currently or Surrender to Madness Shadows in Legion.
If played super well, the spec is blasting.
But if you screw up, you lose alot more.
And in the end, the difference between venthyr and NF for example wasnt really that big.

But people saw it, picked venthyr, and where super unhappy because they had to wait another 2 weeks switch back.

The top players cant do anything against others trying to follow their lead.
But Blizzard and their dumb idea of “choice matters” screwed over not only the top but everyone else as well.

But its only pointless to you. You ignore everyone that cares about it.
There are alot of people who dont like quests or dont care about the story.
But should we ignore you and what you want because i / we think its pointless? No.

Not really, majority of development goes into that part of the game.
If its not good , its because they designer failed or their ideas just didnt come across aswell as thy thought. Not because of other stuff in the game.

No? the top 0.1% for the title is the top 0.1% of everyone that got 1 point of M+ score.
So including everyone who did atleast 1 +2 key.

And the % is not that low as you think.
If you got KSM your in the top 20%
So everyone above +15 is only the top 20%.

And if you go by a website like dataforazeroth. Lets compare achievements.

The Fourth War, the Achievment for completing the BFA Warcampaign is done by 26% of all players. 28% by wowhead (https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=13924/the-fourth-war)

Keystone Master Season 2 SL: is done by 20% of all players. (https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15078/shadowlands-keystone-master-season-two)

So nearly the same number of people completed all +15 (or higher) as people finishing the war campaign in BFA.

And the Achievments for +20 are achieved by 5% of the entire playerbase. (https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=15050/keystone-hero-theater-of-pain)

So no
Higher than +15 keys are done by 5-20% of the ENTIRE Playerbase.

Its FAAAAAR from 0.1%

Yes WoW is 1 game and thats good.
Nearly every player enjoys more than 1 thing.
Me and my guild focuses on raids primarily. But after that is done people like to hang out and play pvp together, do M+ and a small amount also enjoys farming transmog / mounts.
It’s a game for everyone and thats the beauty of it.

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There are plenty of underused models in the game which they could use. Look at the In-Game store for example. Sure I know the In-Game store serves a purpose. But why is that Arden Veilwing mount locked behind a PayWall rather than available in Ardenweald where they are freely flying around.

But why did you need AP? You didn’t need AP beyond the 3 islands a week. If you felt you needed to keep farming the AP then that was your fault, not Blizzards or mine or anyone elses.

What attracted me back to BFA after skipping both WOD and Legion was because it was getting back to Horde vs Alliance on Azeroth fighting Azeroths monsters, rather than being in outer space fighting Space Monsters.

I’d probably wouldn’t have been so attracted to a N’Zoth expansion at that point. But having played BFA, I would have rather it gone from BFA to N’Zoth causing the trouble and have his own expansion, than going into Shadowlands and chasing the Jailer to an outer space zone with Robot Snails.

Elite S1 and S2 were Elite Warfront Recolours and the Raid sets were separate. All the Warfront sets were awesome! But the PVP version had the better colours.

But problems at Blizzard shouldn’t be translated into problems for the player. And what little resources they have should be funnelled into the majority of the player base, than the few.

They’re spreading their resources too thinly by trying to accommodate so many different tastes. They need to come back to basics a little bit rather than pushing the boundaries further.

I know what you are saying, but I disagree.

In any world if you want to be the best at something you have do things you don’t want to do to be the best and get the edge over other people.

I.e. Sure skill is a factor, but that extra Socket or conduit is going to give you a little bit more power to push you over the edge of your challenger. That’s why those things are implemented. Do you think the casual player thinks about that? NO. Do the people are the very top think about how they can get one up on the other player? If they don’t, then they are missing out.

If you didn’t have to play the outside part of the MMO, then everyone would be in the same boat, and trust me you would have alot more challengers out there. These things are put in the game to isolate out the players who don’t want to put in the time or the extra work, and make the top level more “exclusive” for those who will put in the work.

Now, they’re implementing a title as a carrot on a stick to keep it going.

This kind of play style is really unhealthy for the player and should not be encouraged by Blizzard. But they continue to expand and expand and expand because players are willing to do it.

Now, if you removed all of the MMO aspects of the game, just had WoW PVP, WoW M+ and WoW Mythic Raid, removed Gear, removed conduits, removed legendaries. Then there would me no MMO left, you would have 3 separate games which could all be played independently.

That’s not good for WoW.

I stated before, I am aware that I am in a thread which is about the Title, and the only people who will be clicking on the thread are people who are interested in the title in the first place, during a time when the majority of the active player base do this repeat content, because players who don’t want to do that quit months ago due to lack of content.

More reason to pull in the reigns of the variety of difficulty levels. Pull it back to a more linear progression, and rather than concentrating if classes are Balanced at +22, they would just need to worry about if Classes are balanced at all.

It would solve so many problems in the game.

So 0.1% of 20%… and that’s of the remaining players in the game.

Of course I’ve gone with your upper figure here. But it could easily be as low as 0.1% of 5%… that’s a tiny amount of people.

The absolute numbers of players are visible by mouseover on the numbers on this page.

10% of all the chars are 2200+ score and are running ~+18 keys. I am with my top timed +22 still pretty significant away from the top 1%.

Not that it matters. It is not that people care about the 0.1% title except the people who maybe can get there. You have to run absurt high keys for it :grin:

Thats not how % work?
It’s the 0.1% off ALL players.
And out of ALL PLAYERS 10% are clearing +22 keys.
See Psjohly post below.

Only the Top 0.1% get the title. But that doesnt mean that it doesnt influence the players below.
Alot of those players had no motivation to push higher or harder.
Now they got one.
So the title influences actually quit alot of people.
Atleast the majority of the people that do 22 keys have now, if they want to commit to it, another goal.

So it impacted around 10% of the entire playerbase.

Stuff like this is not only for the people that get it. It never is.

High end rewards also give people below that point a goal to strife towards.

Gladiator is not just made for the x% of people playing at that rating.
But also as a motivation for everyone else below that.
I collect mounts, i dont normally play much pvp.
Glad gives a mount, so it was always a goal of mine simply because of those super unique mounts.
Because there was SOMETHING to get that was special.

Thats what i meant.
It normal psychology.
If people have nothing to strife for, they lose interest.
That works IRL and in games.

You need to give people new hights to strife for, or it will get meaningless pretty quick and will be abandoned shortly after.

Just by existing, even if never achieved, people get motivation out of it. Most dont even realize it but when u talk about it with them they often realize it themself.

I talked to alot of people that told me they got into raiding because they either wanted a specific endboss mount, a title or just the best gear.
Most of them never reachd their goal and cleared mythic (or heroic back then) but they still had fun clearing heroic or normal.

Thats not how balancing works.
You WANT to balance your game around the extremes and the best.

Because those examples show you what is possible.
If you dont balance around the possible, and just balance around the medium, the difference between the players grows larger.
Which results in a far worse balance.
Sure in a normal szenario it seems fair, but if someone playing it perfectly comes around, he completly destroys his competiton. Because it was not balanced correctly.

And tbh the further away you are from the extremes, the smaller the change is anyway.

Regarding to many diffuculty levels

Having multiple difficulty levels is actually good for everyone evolved.
For one, those difficultys dont take much work.
Currently fights are designed on mythic and with every difficulty they tend to cut away abilites.
So it doesnt really matter if there is lfr / normal / heroic / mythic or just mythic. Development time is slightly influenced and it takes a bit of tuning.

Having less difficulties only increases the problems we have in the game.
Lets say we only have 1 difficulty like back in Classic and BC.
Actually those problems existed back then already.
People got left out. Straight up.

You either make it easy, and no one cares about it cause its easy.
Or you make it hard, and alot of people cant experience the content at all.

Less difficulties solves nothing and creates more problems in the community.

I mean read wowhead comments.
Im not kidding, people there are complaing WoW has no content because they cleared LFR and now’ve seen everything.

And alot of other MMORPG also died to this.
Raids / Engame content had no challenge or replayability.
And after people completed their stuff, they got left with nothing and just stopped playing.

Like the stuff you wish for literally killed multiple other games

Still pretty abysmal segregation if you asked me.

And promotes poor mental health forming behaviour in those who are striving to reach such a distant and hard to reach goal.

Indeed. Which is why there process of going 0 - 15 should be made to be more challenging. Leaving the goal posts at +15 at least leaves at a reasonable end point.

This is absolutely Bull and you know it!

If you are that bored that you need to keep pushing and pushing and pushing then maybe go outside and find a new hobby. Because all this is doing is deterring Blizzard from creating new content, as they just need to rely on players repeating the same thing.

You know, I once heard a junky say the same thing to me.

When you realise this is just an unhealthy addiction, you’ll realise what a waste it all is.

Do you know what. When I returned BFA, I found that having multiple difficulty levels of raiding completely off putting and made me not want to do it.

In days of old, I used to raid 3 times a week with my guild. We would get server firsts, not every time, but we were within the top 5 guilds on the server between Vanilla until Wotlk, when I stopped raiding.

Although transmog collection wasn’t a thing then, I remember going through TBC looking forward to being seen around in the latest gear.

Now the look I want is hidden behind some new Mythic level of raiding, which is far beyond the effort I’m willing to put into this game. So I just don’t bother with it. For the amount of time I commit to this game, that’s saying something.

But the point is some guys start moaning that the Balance for +25 is off, so Blizz start putting resources into that, rather than their resources into creating meaningful content and the other end of the spectrum…

As I said before, it’s off putting before anything else. I just want to kill the boss once, not 4 times of different difficulties.

People got left out, true to some degree, but at that point those players would form new guild and move on like that. But then many players found they didn’t want to commit the time to a normal raid schedule, but still wanted the storyline which is when LFR was introduced. That difficulty level was a good inclusion for that reason.

If anything, I’ll run LFR once per patch for the story, nothing more.

So lets create more content :smiley: B

I’m not saying replayability or challenge hasn’t got it’s place. I enjoy M+. But I see it getting to a point where the heights being pushed are getting so extreme now, too much focus is being put on that, and not enough is being put in the game.

The reason for WoW’s success from concept was because of its family friendly (ish) cartoon fun graphics, ease to play and to get into. Having indulging World Questslines and story were one of the things which really made it really stand out against other MM0s and its Dungeons and raiding were also good.

All of those things are what have kept WoW popular and having new players coming in over the years.

These are the things which have kept WoW alive for so long.

WoW will die because too much focus is being placed on those 0.1%'s, and not enough is being put on the rest of the game.

If a player gets bored because of lack of challenge, then I’m sure this Age of Creation came people were raving on about will fill those shoes nicely. But trust me, the players who have dedicated 17 years to an epic story, and identity, a collection of pets and mounts, will keep coming back, and more and more will keep coming.

The esports is not what keeps WoW alive, it’s WoW’s identity which keeps WoW alive.

Soooo what did the end score end up at? Any update on that?

Score for the Cutoff should be 2875.0 so if you were able to get 2875 until reset happens you are good to go :slight_smile:

Gratz on title btw!

Hopefully there is a mount included in the future titles

When are the titles going out? Also, what is the actual cut-off?

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Good Question its also frustrating that there is 0 communication in a post that should be updated daily…

Would love also to get my title.

Titles have just been awarded!

Tormented Heroes should gain their title upon login.

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What was the final cutoff?
I was very close to the last announced cutoff and didn’t get the title, would be nice to now by how much I missed it.

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