Macro issue

I have created a macro for myself so I can with one keybind close all open windows and reset my action bars and focus. I find this very handy but the reason I created the macro is to be able to clear everything if I get attacked by something or someone. It works perfectly out of combat but does not work while I am being attacked and I have my map open? Andy ideas?

Close All Macro:

/run CloseAllWindows()
/cleartarget [@player]
/swapactionbar 1 1

Which part doesn’t work in combat, CloseAllWindows()?

I think so. If I have the map open it won’t close with the macro. I need to click it with the mouse. Out of combat it works perfectly. Test it and you will see.

That likely means that CloseAllWindows() is probably a secure command and can’t be used in combat.

Is there an alternative command I can use?

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