Mafias, horde and allaince colluding


So i’d like to ask the community about what they think about these mafia’s,
Horde and Allaince colluding (working together to get benefit over others)

i play on Firemaw EU,
and as im aware Firemaw has had 2 guilds colluding gaining in some way unfair advantage over other guilds (both factions)

this mafia and working together can go a FAR way.

  • the devilsaur mafia
  • Honor trading
  • Gurubashi Arena trinket trading.
  • unfair passage across the game maps (wpvp)

First things first, the Devilsaur mafia.
exmplained short, both groups (H) & (A) are in contact over discord (3th party software) with eachother.
they agree to who gets the skin for the next 2-3 hours and then its the other sides turn, now they both have lvl 60’s in the zone that if anyone try’s to get the leather they are assured the other faction can come kill this “competitor”.

the competitior cannot kill (example) his own faction, so he tags the mob FIRST, kills it but before he can actually skin it theres allaince to fight him over the skin.
any how the other faction can now steal the skin since he has to fight it off first and (probly die against 3-6 allaince players who got summond on discord)

now they earned massive amounts of gold doing this being the almost only competitor on the server.

i have noticed the community turn back to them (those who know this)
and also theres these who dont know anything at al about them.
so in return many dont buy from that specific guild etc, they in return making lvl 1 guildless chars named things like “billionboy” and such selling these devilsaur leather.

i would like to know what the community thinks about this kind of coalition between factions. (altho blizzard DOES NOT ALLOW us to make a character on the other faction)
shouldnt this be bannable?

i will also add some other threads that i found around discussing this with a lot of information in them.

appearently these are the OLD TOS RULES IN VANILLA.
https ://
(delete the space)

As it stood in Classic, collusion was bannable

Now personally i do not approve colluding (its game breaking)
and i encourge players to go against this and not buy from specific guilds, and i explain them why etc.

now being in badlands a little bit ago, i was looking for a portal.
there is usually always 1 mage advertising to sell portals but NOT to that specific mafia guild.
So i asked “who is NOT selling portals to NewGen?”
Suddenly i get some NewGen dogs barking at me,
“Whats your problem?” they asked me.
so i replyd to them “go back to allaince you lapdog, i dont work with traitors”
the next reply was even better and i didnt expect him to openly admit it in /say.

https ://
(delete the space behind https)
Dont be a cheat, the vanilla community never forgets.

other treads

Does Blizzard support cheating?

Prohibited by ToS, bannable

(Sneakyfists) #3

There isn’t anything in the ToS that specifically states that cross-faction collusion is against the ToS but it should technically count as griefing/cheating since A) it grants you a significant advantage over other players and B) it directly detracts from the enjoyment of others.
So yes, players and guilds who do directly collude with people on the opposite faction should be banned (especially on PvP servers).


Devilsaur spawns got increased (no changes wut?), probably to nerf Devilsaur mafia


long after they earned 3 toons at goldcap tho. wich isnt the point here.
they have done it, and is it bannable or should it be bannable?
i think it does.
on firemaw that would be byebye to NEWGEN and byebye to PROGRESS.


So guys how many cross faction collusion threads have we seen and how many people have been punished? I saw no reaction from Blizzard so things will just stay the same.


So you dedicated a thread to whine about devilsaur mafia, and accused those guilds of these other things without a shred of proof? Time to go off the forums and take of the tinfoil hat mate.


perhaps its time to learn to read?
all these things ARE POSSIBLE.
if your guilty i gues its blizz jobs to monitor and find out, not mine right.
you choose to participate in these kind of things, not me.
now act like a responsible kid not like somebody trying to hide behind excuses.


Main reason my guild left Firemaw was the cross faction collusion.

Blizzard doesn’t care. Cross faction communication is against ToS but its outdated and not enforced. You can cross faction communicate with the normal ingame chat window…


Who says I’m guilty or that these things (outside of devilsaur mafia) even take place? So far, only you… and I don’t even know what you are basing it on since there are no evidence to suggest that it is taking place as far as I am aware.

Honor trading: Kaymzee from Pkings is standing 1 on horde, Br1 on alliance has like 4 different guilds in it currently.
Gurubashi: Adept got like 25% of the trinkets by contesting, but they are monkeys so difficult for them to actually beat us.
Unfair passage across the game maps: What? When? Huh?


coming from one of these tryhard cheat as hard as you can guilds you would probably know feeding urself to r1 would be really obvious, so if you wanted to trade honor youd aim for any standing except rank 1,2 or 3,
i think we can both agree, as a guild thats doing everything to break the rules and gain advantage over others in any way possible.
its best for blizzard to open an actuall investigation towards members of NEWGEN and PROGRESS.

the ones who are guilty deserve a fat bannhammer and should eat it like the responible kids they are.
at the end of the day YOU are one of these members who CHOOSE to join such a guild and participate in their mess.

the vanilla community doesnt forget.


You know, before we did the world record for p1 speedrun, we had 13 melee’s with windsor buff… Because it was proved to be an unintended bug and would be considered and exploit we CLICKED OFF THE BUFF ON ALL 13 MELEE. As a result we did our speedrun without windsor buff.

The second part of this is true, we do want to gain advantage over others whenever possible and within ToS. This does not mean we are willing to do overly unethical things and activities such as wintrading.

I do however, understand that it’s a much simpler to just say

These people are cheating

rather than

These people are better / more hardcore than me

Because the latter would require some reflection.

I welcome this, as progress atleast, are well within ToS…


Has there been any action taken ever against people colluding to get leather


nope, and they should start caring about classic before their subs sink bottom low for the last time.


Traitors should get punished!


If anyone wonders if it’s actually against any rules the answer is yes.

  1. For World of Warcraft specifically, allowing players who are playing characters aligned with the “Alliance” faction to chat or otherwise communicate directly with players who are playing characters aligned with the “Horde” faction, or vice versa.

But the rules are so wide for most things that basically anything is against some rule. The question is if Blizzard care enough to spend some GM time to moderate these things. We are only paying a full subscription fee for a 15y old game after all. Well 2/3 if you count for inflation.