Mage absorb bug

I’ve got a mage in Ashbringer-EU and my character bugged. i reported the bug but nothing happened about fixing and i didnt get any responce.

so here’s the thing, when your a mage and u cast ur Ice barrier, your casting suppose not to be interrupted with enemy spells and attacks.

but recently when i was boosting some dudes in maraudon, i have noticed that my Ice barrier does’nt works properly. i thought maybe its only the ice barriers problem, but i found that my whole absorbing is not working like proper.

for example i used nature protection pots, so when im casting blizzard, and if some range units casts nature spells on me, my potion absorption must absorb the enemy nature spell and my blizzard should not get interrupted,

but i was getting interrupted meanwhile i had my ice barrier up and used nature protection pot.

im experiencing this after i’ve used zanza speed pots recently, didint try it without the speed pots yet. and i also think its only my characters problem. cus i asked others and they had no idea about this problem.

it really bugs me. please help.

i captured a video related to the problem but i cant include the link here. i dont understand why do we have a hyperlink tool in editor then?!


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