Mage is LF a guild for next tier


Hi guys so long story short, I’m a player from Ragnaros that transferred recently because of a guild that said that I performed well on Mythrax so they’re speeding my trial up, then they benched me for 3 weeks after the kill and now they’ve said I’ve failed my trial. I’m not going to mention the guild’s name, but it was Sparks.
Anyway, I’m looking for a guild for next tier with similar progress to mine in this tier. I’ve got a BDK DH and BDruid on Ragnaros, which potentionally could be transferred but I’m not going to unless I know I’ve got a spot in the team.

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Hello mate, did you have a mage or am i just confused?

Best wishes, Iavo.


Yes, I do have a mage on Kazzak.


Hey Jegudiel,

We are after a steady active tank to raid with us on Sun/Mon/Thurs 19:45-23:00ST if you might be up for that add omn#2283 and lets chat:D

Have a great day and happy gaming!


Hey there!
Do you have the name of your mage or link to it’s armory/logs?

Cheers pal


Arcanumortis is my mage’s name

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