Mage or Warlock? (for mainly PvP)


I wanna hear personal experiences pros and cons for my new alt and maybe my new main! Cheers :smile:


Teleport, portal, food and drink vendor, able to bring the hurt for 5 seconds, blink.
Often hit with the nerf hammer.

Summoning pets who will kill most mobs for you, spreading dots across the bg will do alot of damage, a short range gate usefull for both the warlock and allies, best class hall, short range retun to point teleport.

The question of warlock vs mage basicly boils down to this:
Do you want to be able to blink/teleport/portal.
If you dont care about that warlock is the beter class.
Mage’s are discount warlocks, just as shamans are discount druids.
A mage has less untility then a warlock while doing the same dps.

If your primary goal is pvp you cant go wrong with warlock.
Soulstone for selfressing(very good on flag runners) demon gate allows you to create shortcut’s, pets are ignored by players and can do decent damage.
But the biggest and most important reason to go affliction lock in bg is this:
tab, dot, dot, dot, tab, dot, dot, dot, tab, dot, dot, dot.
You will do alot of damage.
Spamming fear also helps with crowd control.
More then a few hordies got frustrated when i kep fearing them.
It sucks to lose control of your charater ever few seconds.

A warlock is a control class.
It might not be the greatest dps.
But very few classes can offer more tools to control the battlefield.
Only druids and paladins are beter in my opion.
Druids because they can do everything and paladins because there night unkillable bubbling hearting cheaters.

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