Mail is ugly, show me your best mogs

Bonus points if it’s a fel theme.

I’m having a hard time finding good mix’n’match mogs with mail tbh

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Sadly, mail mogs kinda suck, almost always.

Thisnis the best ive managed to do and rarely change it hah.

<— nighthold set
i can’t wear anything else than this or the dragonstalker set from vanilla, most mail sets suck.


The mail set for bastion in SL looks awesome so hopefully mails gonna get some love next expansion! :smiley:

Sylvanas’s style :wink: I love this.

I hate that character so nope! But you should try the purple version (mythic one I think?) it has skulls and fitting colors.

Here’s my transmog which I’m pretty proud of.

I think its ok)

I got my set in Mists of Pandaria and my weap in vanilla. I don’t need to worry about ever switching transmog. But it’s still kinda fun to collect all the sets in every difficulties.

Yeah :rofl: still got problems soloing mythic raids

I want an elegant set with correct colors that can match with the bow named ulmath’s soulseeker. But I cant find any items that fit that color scheme and I might be the wrong race for an “elegant” transmog :smiley:

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Ive been trying to build a mog aroind this bow. Impossible

Your set is not that bad, hopefully Memelands will offer better sets for mail.


Mail not as bad as it seems.

I found it hard to make meself a mail mog that is pleasant to the eye, but this is what I wear now.

warfront alliance look good… also zandalari mail

Eternal Traveler looks good, love the Antorus set, but requires a different helmet. Siege of Ogrimmar sets are not too bad either, and the “elite” warfront for the horde is really good. That’s about it :joy:

My hunter its a gnome girl, everything looks good on her :wink:

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Mail does get the shaft often. Shaman get some nice sets.

In my opinion many mail sets looks decent. There are a lot of “non-flashy” parts with leather/hauberk flavour. I don’t like the colorful and bling bling vibe of many sets which is usually the main theme of Heroic/Mythic versions. I feel like a clown in something like this. I prefer more natural, medieval, kind of LOTR look of armor. And with mail You can for sure create something like this. This is also the main reason why I don’t like mage armor. Everything looks like rainbow when I prefer something more modest.