Mail is ugly, show me your best mogs

Im waiting to unlock vulpera then will be rolling a hunter for the first time ever (played since vanilla :open_mouth: ) . As someone who has played shammy in the past Im likely to be opting for the lookalike shaman sets as Hunter sets are the worst in the game tbh.

After 3 years i decided to finally change my mog. Quite happy with this look.

This is my Savage Hunter transmog, Survival version.
I also got a fitting bow for the ranged specs.

only mogs worth having is unobtainable ones :upside_down_face:

Using this atm :slight_smile:

Some great looking transmogs on show here, I’ll have to stea … ahem take inspiration for my own hunter :smiley: Thanks for sharing!


Have you time for a question?

Why where quivers removed!? Not the slot the visual as they where attached to the now at first then to the slot, why can’t we have quivers? Imaginary arrows suck :slight_smile:

  • reffering to vanilla/tbc I think they went in wrath? Can’t remember but the techs there obviously as the artifacts prove this
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Im rocking quite a solid mog

Quivers were removed because ammo for bows was removed.
The fact that they also removed the visuals for quivers is just… Stupid.
But, maybe with the new cloak tech they got going for shadowlands, quivers can make a return in the form of taking up the cloak visual slot.

My post clearly asks why the visual was removed, I point out I don’t mean the actual slots and that the tech is their as marksmans bows all have quivers in legion.

The quiver used to take up a bag slot, when the quivers(And need for ammo) were removed, the visuals went with them.
No quiver in the bag slot = No quiver visual, which also means: No Quiver to put in the bag slot = No quiver visual.
In Legion all of the quivers were attached to the bow, much like how offhands were attached to the main hand weapons.
What I am trying to say is that in order to get the visuals back, they would need to take up a slot, with the back slot being perfect for it.
As for whoever told you it was an engine limitation or whatever, was clearly lying.

Had to steal a few Shaman pieces, but I think the overall look is still quite hunterish:

Eyes of the beast not being in the game is a coding limitation from ions mouth himself this blizzcon so one can assume a similar issue was with the bows and quivers its really not far fetched.

He explained it well that once removed code changed and they couldn’t really put it back easily as it was built for much earlier builds not how the game is coded now…

You know I asked blizz why as I’m genuinely curious if they have a reason like eyes of the beast.

Chris Whateverhisface, lead game art artist in charge of the character models, also said that it was impossible to change the weapon scales on the human female character model due to limitations, even after they did it 3 times in a single week and then left it broken for 8½ years until they magically decided that it was time to fix it(They promised that a hotfix would be made for it within the next week or two).
Don’t believe everything they say, especially when they come out with “limitations” it is usually translated into “We don’t care, deal with it”.

Quivers(appearances) were made up of art assets tied to the actual Quivers we equipped as an alternative to a bag, for carrying arrows.

Don’t remember exactly about Vanilla but, at least now in Classic, you don’t actually need the quiver to be equipped in a bag slot in order for the art asset/model to appear on your back when using your bow during combat. It’s enough to have the Quiver sitting in another bag.

However, if you leave any quiver you have in the bank in for example Orgrimmar and then go back out and use your bow, the Quiver will not appear on your back. So it seems to be some trigger to show the asset on your back which only works if you have a quiver with you.

When they removed the need for Quivers to carry arrows and removed ammunition, they also turned all former quivers into regular bags and removed the art assets tied to those prior quivers(now bags).

The Legion MM artifact has a quiver tied to it as this is how the art asset is made.

If they want to bring those appearances back it has to be done either via actual equippable cosmetic/power-related items or through sheer animations with no actual items tied to them.

An example for that is the Serpent Sting-ability for SV which has the animation of a type of ranged weapon but you don’t actually have a ranged weapon equipped.

There are challenges to doing both alternatives, but it can certainly be done.

Here’s my Qorn:

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I’ve asked blizzard not you, I know all of this stop wasting your breath I wanted to hear an actual reason if they had one, not assumptions or 3rd party assumptions and detective work I wanted to hear direct which probably wouldn’t happen but it would be nice.

It’s an odd decision to remove a visual aspect of a weapon especially if it’s just attaching a texture file to a different code string

Why so hostile?

You need to take a breather…


Hostile? That’s the Internet for you I’m afraid. it’s just assertive and a pivot back to the question

The hard part is reading what people right in the corretlct manner and context