Mailing money to a friend


So i tried mailing gold to a friend in the same realm.
A message popped up saying “mail sent” and the gold from my character disappeared, but the mail to my friend was never sent.
I tried sending him just a mail without giving him anything and he receives it but when i send a mail with gold or items on it he doesn’t get it…
Does anyone know if i’m doing something wrong??

(Basyxqt) #2

So, you are sure you didn’t sent it to a different players.

Make a ticket, or wait a little bit more to see if it arrives?


Yes, im sure that i mailed the correct person bcuz i tried several times and it seems that he gets all the mails that dont contain gold or items…

(Basyxqt) #4

Hmm, then make a ticket.

Cause if he receives everything else and not the money it may be also a bug for the mailbox.


Actually the same thing happens from his side as well…
I mean that he can send me just a mail and i receive it but if he sends me money i dont get it either

(Basyxqt) #6

Open a ticket.

Never heard that happening before, only when there was the restriction of 1 hr if he was not a guildie etc, or wrong name goof.

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