Major Mistweaver issues

  • Worst damage of any healer. You must take a risk and go melee for a 2500 damage Rising Sun Kick which has a 12 second cooldown and a mana cost. During these 12 seconds, tiger’s palm can be used, except it hits for 600 damage. Complete waste of a GCD.
  • The most affected by dampening. Bubble, BoP, sac, ironbark, PW:barrier, spirit link totem - all of these cooldowns are just as useful 5 minutes into the game. Life cocoon and Revival, however, are direct healing spells and are therefore weakened by dampening. This is especially problematic in 2’s where dampening starts immediately at 20% and ramps up very fast.
  • You can’t do anything in a stun. We’ve had 3 abilities to survive stuns in the past (dematerialize, nimble brew, cocoon while stunned) but they’ve all been pruned.
  • Lack of instant cast heals. Mistweavers rely on hardcasting to do anything, and the GCD on soothing mist means sometimes it’s too late to react when massive pressure is applied on a new target.
  • Can’t even dispel Hex.
  • Invoke Yu’lon, 3 minute cooldown, heals for 750 HP per tick. Reduced by dampening, of course.
  • Bugs. Experl harm deals literally 1 damage if used at full health, instead of the normal 200 it’s supposed to deal (lol). If you use Touch of Death on a target below 15% but they used a healing spell at the same time, server issues and lag mean that your Touch of Death WILL be “used” and on cooldown, but it won’t actually activate on the target since they’re no longer at 15% or less. Fun one.

You can’t buff Mistweaver the lazy way by just giving us a flat 10% vivify healing increase and calling it a day.
We need a complete rework and new abilities. Unlike most specs, we had 0 unpruning in Shadowlands.

Just give us another PVP talent that increases Vivify healing. LOL Legendary required gives 20% Vivify healing, PVP Talent gives +20% Vivivy healing! Maybe also a normal talent that gives +20% Vivify healing? :smiley:

Additional new talents and PVP talents would help.

[MagiKarp] Passive
When stunned, you become slick like an eel, reduces all incomming damage by 40% for the full stun duration.

When stunned you can activate this ability, evolves your Magickarp, healing you and all allies within 30 yards for 30% of your maximum health.

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