Make classic servers for all the expansions

Yes, even BfA. WoW just wins. Everyone has different tastes, lots of people missed different parts of different expansions, etc. It’s free money, and more enjoyment overall.


They will do, but in a timely order. I think when, not if, TBC is released we may see how it will happen in the future.

Also it’s not free money, there are the costs of the servers and their upkeep, as well as the support for them.

I personally highly doubt there will be much interest in “Classic” servers past WotLK, and Activision might simply not allocate the two interns needed to implement things like Cata Classic and WoD Classic for the few hundred souls that might be interested in them.

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Pretty much this. Cataclysm was one of my favourite expansions, though I’d never play it again.

The reason Blizzard are likely to stop at WoTLK is because it was after WoTLK that the game so drastically changed. Specialisations were different, the world was different, play styles were different.

Vanilla - TBC - WoTLK were basically “the old way”, whilst Cataclysm onwards are like WoW2.


The original question was ‘have you ever thought of adding servers for previous expansions, as they were then’… and I find it hard to believe that people would somehow be satisfied with Lich King being the final “Classic” server they get… I’m sure people will be screaming for Cata once they feel done with WoTLK.

Actualy WOTLK belongs into WoW2 with its LFG, multiple difficulty settings, welfare gear and faceroll dungeons.


Ironically enough those two expansions are the most popular and well-loved ones amongst PvPers, Cataclsym especially. But yeah, I can see Activision not doing it, but I just hope they fire up servers for all the old stuff.

The cost of Classic was reverse-engineering the old code (which proved to be rather easy and not that time consuming), playtesting it, and spacing out it’s content. That is infinitely less work than making a new expansion, and both making a new expansion AND making Classic has the same cost for the players: that sweet subscription. I know tons of people who play Classic specifically.

It might just be my nerd side talking, but I don’t think there is anything to lose by releasing servers for all the expansions.

You already know what it is.

After that it’s gonna be MoP. After that, I bet people will want WoD back as well for it’s PvP. Then Legion for it’s PvE. I bet some people will even want to play BfA.

In general, a lot of constantly updating online games that last a long period eventually fall into making changes that don’t resonate with the older playerbase but does with the newer fans: it’s a never ending cycle, and I don’t see a reason why WoW can’t have servers for the old expansions. The primest example of this is Minecraft. Just look at how many people play 1.8 these days, even though the game is going to be in 1.17 soon.

I am not sure if they will make WOW servers after WOTLK and given that something like that won’t happen in the next 4 years (if it happens) not even Blizzard has thought about this.

Anyway, I believe expansions like Cataclysm or WOD do not have as many followers as Classic-TBC-WOTLK, but Pandaria or Legion are very different and they could have success on Classic realms. So maybe Blizzard could try seasonal servers that progress through the expansions with one or two years per expansion, I think some would play even Cataclysm or WOD if they know that Pandaria and Legion come next. What I am sure won’t ever happen are eternal realms on any expansion post-WOTLK.

Of course, the other possibility is that they just Classic realms ends with WOTLK.

The old Wow ends with cataclysm when they screwed up the world and quests. Then in WoD they added the garrison and the age of loot boxes and mobile gaming Wow began. So at that point you might aswell just play retail.

The old wow by definition is the past expansions, including up to BfA at this moment. I don’t think there is a point in not going past wotlk because “stuff changed,” Cata to this day is fondly remembered by a lot of people, PvPers especially. Then you have Mists which is still fondly remembered.

I mean I guess?

Subs I guess, once you release them all people will get bored with them and stop playing.

:thinking: I’m not so sure about that.

I am, see how it happened with classic.

What kind of logic it is? You think people will be less bored if you don’t release the content?

Blizzard will get far more sub payments out of it, start thinking like a company.

And it made a lot of people start playing Shadowlands. If the very end of the game is reached, eventually people will get bored, sure. But you can always go to the other expansions, or Blizzard can do a server clean if you want to reexperience it again. Historically, games that allow you to play all of it’s older versions have been doing very well.

It’s also important to remember that PvP is a thing as well, which will never lack content as long as people play it. Historically, in the context of private servers, the ones that have a healthy PvP community are the ones doing the best, and it’s been the same case with Classic. Ever since Naxx, numbers have dropped very low (I quit as well for Shadowlands even before Naxx came out), but PvPers are still out there, just playing the game.

Edit: I know I say “Historically” quite a bit, but it is true. Nostalgia / reexperiencing / letting people play the version they liked the most / making up on missing out old stuff is popular with people all around the world.

Out of what? Out of not releasing them all? I’m really not following you here

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Then you might want to explain me why PvE servers, despite being PvE and lower in numbers, have a healthier population than half the PvP servers around here.

Well okay, but I don’t think anybody seriously asked or expected Blizzard to release them all at once. I think the question was whether Blizzard would release these in order and after WotLK or just stop with WotLK.