Make ferals good

(Nuvic) #1

Still waiting since bfa release for ferals to be welcome in m+ and raids and pvp… I’m talking about high end mythic, and m+ here, not lfr or whatever that no one cares about.

How can spec be subpar for half a year while being looked at? We are supposed to be the bleed class but Arms warriors and assassin rogues do more dot damage???!!! Rip just does too little damage.

In m+ ferals are not welcome. Windwalkers are welcome and used in 20+ keys, even retribution paladins are now welcome but feral brings too little both in terms of dmg and utility. I think feral might be the least welcome class by the community in m+.

Almost 4000 outlaw rogues are in m20+ key runs but only 4 ferals. Data speaks volumes, blizzard act on it.

In raids, dps is OK nothing great tho. This is more the case that shadow priest, locks and shamans are overperforming and need to be tuned down perhaps. But again we are like monks, fury warriors and retris but without any significant utility so they are welcome over us. Our rotation is a bit clunky and even trying to decurse people results in quite significant dps loss due to having to shift out and in again while boomy and other classes do not.

In pvp it is just too weak and outclassed by other melees such as DK/WW/arms. You win only if the enemy is bad or makes many mistakes vs good comps. Our damaging and healing abilities are nerfed too much in pvp and the 8.1 talent reconfiguration really made the spec worse in pvp. why the hell did u nerf the mana regen of ferals? resto affinity was nerfed a great deal already. Now we cannot really be a hybrid with the terrible mana regen.

Our talents are really badly optimized and there is really 1 viable build (with change in 1 row for m+) and 90% talents are just too bad. Why is there a 2 min cd on boomkin form for ferals btw? the dmg is already low and boomy-weaving won’t add too much dps but helps when we can’t melee.


You have 3 other specs for m+ Dont be greedy =P

(Nuvic) #3

Guardian is trash mate. worst tank in m+ and raids by far.

Boomkin is becoming less good cuz it cannot do damage to reaping. Still good on necrotic but not on other affixes.

Rdruid is king along with mistweaver.

The thing is unlike rogue, the druid specs are very different. A lot of people love feral so it is a huge deal. They do not enjoy playing a healer or mage dps.


Tick Tock, will 8.1.5 finally bring some well deserved buffs to this long abandoned spec?

(Nuvic) #5

Still no damn buffs. Feral remains trash tier in pvp just above outlaw, sub (actually sub is better in 2v2) and fdk. Still unwelcome in m+ and raids and forced to play balance.


We are not a pure class so yeah we have 3 other specs but they are completely different playstyle and role.

If someone likes to heal/rdps as a Druid then fine, they are in a good spot rn.

But if someone likes the feral or guardian spec there is NOT another feral or guardian alternative spec that do not suck, so you either reroll (and that is why there are like 0 bears around) or completely change your role and find a spot in the group you are in (if you are useful of course cause those rdps/heal spot might be already taken).

That is not being greedy, you would be upset too if 3/3 dps spec of your hunter sucked by a far margin.

Yesterday I did a 13 WM and I felt like butter and took damage I had no way to deal with except praying my healer louder on discord.

You know what? Iwould accept this difference compared to other tanks if they make me the King of flexibility/utility.

Bake all Druid spec into one and make us the king of flexing, bring good utility and being able to fill gaps during encounters, THEN we can talk about us being too greedy if wanting to be on par with others.

But if you leave Druid completely separated killing the “master shapeshifter fantasy” then bring me on par with DK/Warrior.

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Really frustrating mate. Over half a year since launch and guardian and feral are still left out in the cold.


It is common situation recently, that only 1 spec out of 3 is good, Blood DK, Prot warrior, Elemental Shaman are examples. Ofc not for every class.

(Nuvic) #9

Yes, but the gap between guardian and other tanks is huge, and feral is quite far behind arms/fury in pvp.


I agree that Guardian is almost unplayable… well at least most hated tank along with DH. Feral just needs some bigger DoT dmg so he can be competitor to me (Assa rogue).

(Nuvic) #11

Will we get good hotfixes this week?


They said no class changes until next expansion in the previous Q and A. So stick to healing.


Oh god why?

(Nuvic) #14

Still nothing has changed. Bottom in m+ and pvp, one of the least played specs in raid ever. Community perception probably lower than any other spec. When are you buffing damage a bit and adding utility?


I don’t play feral and I’ve heared bad things about the rotation but to say you have no utiltly is crazy.

You can choose between having, healing, tanking or ranged dps abilities to go with your melee. You can can stay stealthed indefinately and even stealth in combat. You have stuns and roots and heals.

What utilty are you after?

In mythic BoD rankings your 11th of 24 above monks, both warrior dps specs, all 3 mage specs and both DK dps specs.

In m+ your ranked 14th of 24 dps specs which isn’t great but not bad either.

Arena rankings are worse.

But all these rankings are affected that most top players would be choosing balance over feral I would think, because it is so strong atm.

Just saying it’s not all bad.


I’m seriously curious where you got this knowledge from.

There are only 2 specs less represented in M+, Survival and Sublety. Not sure how it can be ranked 14 / 24.


Mythic+ statistics on warcraft logs


Well, not saying those are wrong…but have a look here for a 2nd point of view:


Ye that’s how many people are playing them. As I suggested most players would switch to balance or even resto. The list on warcraftlogs is based on a scoring system of dps in mythic+ filtered above the 75% percentile.

(Nuvic) #20

No. you cannot stealth in combat. No one takes that talent cuz its garbo for dps in pve. pvp is bad with or without it.

We don’t get decent ranged dps to go with melee. Healing talent just makes healing on same level as DH or fury warrior.

Utility would be 5% dot damage or crit chance like monks bring and speed buff cd lowered and ranged increased to whole raid. Monk/DH are both above feral and they give 5% damage buff to the whole raid + ring of peace and other utility such as darnkess. Warrior gives rallying cry and battle shout in addition to execute damage. Mages are necessary in fights like stormwall blockade and they give intel buff. Plus they are ranged, we compete with other melee.

ignore warcraftlogs for m+, data is bad.