Make ferals good


If you go on the mage forums people are convinced we are just the int buff class and we have no other purpose even though frost is very strong in m+, fire very strong in pvp and all fine in raids outside mythic.

I suppose your healing and ranged is poor because of the cross over with agility and int? Would explain why boomy healing is so strong.

Still mass entanglement is a strong one for pve and the only melee class that has the ranged option like yours I can think of is survival hunter and that’s on a cd.

I hope things get better for you all, could be worse your still above all 3 mage specs in BoD rankings!

(Nuvic) #22

What do you mean? you either equip an int weapon or agility weapon.

Boomy healing is not strong. There is a passive healing if they give up guardian affinity (tankiness and healing in bear form) but the healing and mana regen is nerfed 30% or more in pvp; cannot even heal 70% own hp.

I have a mage, finding groups is nothing like feral. There are hundreds of mages who have killed jaina on mythic, but like 40 feral druids. High m+ is even worse.


I mean healing spells will be stronger with int stats surely? Which boomy has but feral has agility. Could have miss the mark there, I dunno.

70% of HP seems like a lot to me, especially when it’s not reliant on doing dmg. On par with my shadow priest, not as good as Paly’s with that stupid one button full heal.

I agree that feral’s have a bad rep right now. Shadow got over tuned to fix their rep, it’s bad they didn’t do the same to feral.


Give lotp a 15% leech buff also (just for the Druid) that’s feral fixed in pvp

Increase comb point generators damage by 40%

Make shred hit aoe but for 40% less not on main target and generates 1cb per targ hit - that’s feral fixed in mythic

Increase Combo point spenders by 25%

Possibly make lotp baseline/talented (that’s feral utility fixed for mythic +)

If made baseline give a new mortal wounds type pvp talent - feral could become a very good anti healer class this way and it would also help fight against this new meta of everyone having high self healing

There you go blizhard I have fixed feral for you

(Uruk) #25

I think feral needs a complete overhaul in 9.0 . The spec now is just worse rogue in every way. It has no identity aside from being a cat.

Simple buffs won’t make it be more desirable to bring than a rogue.


I think 20% rip and rake buff plus 5% dot damage debuff for raid would make it good enough. Amazing for m+ would be vortex as talent and typhoon baseline. Another idea is an area silence. Also remove the damn cd on boomkin form or lower it to like 10-20 or max 30 seconds. The talents sure need an overhaul most are completely useless. What I suggested is a band-aid fix.

reversion of the nerf to ferocious bite in pvp, buff to lunar inspiration and some survivability buff would make it good in pvp. also stop nerfing damn resto affinity and mana regen when the spec has so low survivability.

For both feral and guardian dispell should be castable in all forms. it is really a joke that guardian druid cannot dispell.

(Nuvic) #27

More effort put into april fool’s joke than fixing feral. What the? As if people did not laugh at ferals enough already.


Why did boomy and ret paladin long cd get buffed last patch and feral’s did not? feral’s berzerk/incarn was already the weakest long cd.


Not much is atm


If they reverted Feral to 8.0 we would be better in raids and on Tyrannical weeks, but much poopier for anything aoe.

I wud prefer this.

(Nuvic) #31

There needs to be some utility for m+ and raids or more damage. Having same or lower damage as classes that bring great utility is not fair.


They will not do anything to feral until next expansion, now they focus on azerite traits, neck and new continent to do.

Next expansion they work on class changes.


Feral was changed late in Legion, then again in 8.1. Still, not for the better compared to WoD.

(Nuvic) #34

Unfortunately true. Many of the shortcomings can be fixed by buffing the numbers tho, and just adding leader of the pack/dot damage utility.


if only there hadnt been so many idiots moaning about “needing” an aoe finisher, we wuda still been top ST dmg.

(Nuvic) #36

that AOE finisher is needed for m+. They just did not go far enough in introducing some raid and party utility, like 5%-10% dot dmg. They also messed up talents by moving so much power into sabertooth and soul of the forest and not tuning up lunar inspiration/incarn damage, especially after POTM nerf.

(Heehaw) #37

I’m a long time Feral raider (since Wrath) and been Mythic raiding (achieving Cutting Edge exclusively as Feral since Legion (My guild was ranked 373 in Uldir and I’m currently progressing the last phase of Mythic Jaina.) I’m usually within the first 50 Feral players to kill a Mythic end of tier boss and there were only 26 Feral players who have killed Mythic Jaina when I checked Warcraft Logs on Sunday.

I don’t say this as a boast and hope instead that including it provides some context to the player behind this post. I wanted to share my thoughts on why Feral isn’t currently popular in Mythic Raiding/M+…

  • Effort vs Reward - Feral has a complicated rotation compared to other specs which isn’t rewarded. It’s actually punished as performing the rotation perfectly will only let you compete, but mistakes results in a DPS loss that just isn’t possible for the majority of specs. So newer players aren’t drawn to the spec and the majority of high end Mythic raiders are going to pick something easier to play so they can focus more on mechanics.

  • Under-tuned for the first month of BFA - Levelling as Feral was a chore due to us being severely under tuned. We had 4 buffs during Uldir and were never considered top-tier damage which put off high end Mythic raiders. The grinding nature of AP (Artefact Power/Azerite Power) means maintaining alts wasn’t easy early in the expansion either.

  • Unclear Design Philosophy - In 7.0 LI/SR/JW/BT was the only viable spec, but this was deemed too complex/unforgiving and something which leans so heavily towards dot damage (at the expense of burst damage and aoe) doesn’t suit m+. They eventually changed it in 7.3 and we swapped sustained ST dot damage for Incarnation/Brutal Slash bursts. They then reversed that decision in 8.0 and we returned to ST sustained dots. A “re-design” in 8.1 has left us where we are now. It’s clear from the constant see-sawing that they aren’t sure what to do with us. A pure ST dot class with no burst and poor AoE isn’t suitable for m+ and high end mythic raids, but a mindless shred/FB bot isn’t enjoyable to the old guard who have enjoyed the spec for years.

  • Class Buffs - Warriors bring AP, Rogues can cheese with Cheat Death/ Shroud, Paladins can cheese with Bubble/Blessings, DH increase magic damage and Monks increase physical damage. Considering there are usually only 5 or 6 melee spots in high end mythic raiding and 2-3 spots for m+, not giving Feral/Enh/Surv anything that boosts the overall group while dealing the same (or less) damage can’t be justified and hasn’t been mentioned in any Q&A sessions.

  • Community Perception - While Feral can now be competitive in Mythic raiding and M+ (unless you are in a top 100 guild or pushing keys above 18,) the community perception of the spec is still in the gutter due to the reasons given above. Whilst the damage is there and we have utility, our utility isn’t strong enough to make Feral desirable. Either the class design team need improve our utility or the content design team need to make our utility more desirable.

I could talk for hours about the issues with Feral, but will stop there as this post is already far too long! I suppose I will sum it up with saying, that I’ve seen many of the top Ferals being forced to play Balance or just quitting the game in BFA. I’ve also become so jaded that I will be taking a break from the game after Jaina. I hope the situation improves otherwise my break may become permanent.


Great post! As a long term druid i wholeheartedly agree with this.

One aspect of feral gameplay annoys me quite a lot, which is clear result of the unclear design philosophy mentioned about. When i compare feral to for example assassination, assassination rogue abilities and cooldowns seem to line up for a smooth flowing gameplay experience. Abilities make sense and have a clear purpose and a meaningful impact. Feral just doesn’t flow. Many abilities are somewhat obscure and the rotation is awkwardly clunky.

I was never a big fan of Savage Roar, but back in the days it felt like a part of the class and lined up with managing dots. Now, when Bloodtalons was introduced I detested that playstyle from day 1 and still do. I think it has been one of the single most failed gameplay concepts ever to leave a designers desk.

When the end of legion revamp for ferals happened i had big hopes, but it really pains me to see where feral is today.

Like said you said, i agree that ferals problem isn’t damage, but gameplay and utility. I’d love to see the whole current class consept wholly revamped and something entirely new brought in.

But i won’t hold my breath…


Feral doesnt NEED the aoe finisher. Its not even that good, its decent. And having to discard BrS to get it makes it even worse, further gimping ST dmg when needed, which is required in M+ aswell, even on fortified weeks.

I wud rather see us be SUPERIOR on ST, ie boss fights like Tyrannical and then be what we were in 8.0 for AoE; which was decent but not good. Or they change it, so Rip just hits all targets in a 180 degree frontal cone, so we wont have to spec into a talent for it.

(Nuvic) #41

Please stop doing these 1 step foward 2 steps back changes for feral.

You made feral able to dispell in cat form. Great. But you took battle rez in forms away???!! Melee with CR that has a cast time now have to shift out of form to use it. YIKES!

You did the same thing last major patch. Made mastery affect bite but then reduced its dmg in pvp and removed the bite trait. Now feral is trash in pvp or below average at best.