Make Ions' salary RNG just like our loot

Petition to make Ions’ salary RNG just like our loot. Oh look Ion, this week your wage is 14 dollars.

Oh look WoW player, this week your mythic chest is something completely useless!

See how he likes it


Like make it go up or down depending on how many subs there are currently running? It might (thats a really small chance) make him think about the things that the players complain about.

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No just make it entirely RNG

Now you’re petitioning to change someone’s salary to match the drop rate of items in a computer game. I mean. How would that even work? It would probably even out at the same for the year anyway and I’d bet a fair bit of money he doesn’t get paid weekly.

RNG, like grinding, has been a fundamental element of WoW since the beginning. I just think you don’t like MMOs.

Well… I like the game sooo… Less rng in gear is all I need and that’s what they are going to be doing again so I’m happy and enjoying 8.3 alot tbh

Won’t achieve a damned thing… like Ion Hazzikostas is the ONLY person making decisions that affect your loot drops? He’s the public face of the company that has 00’s of people making the systems the game has.

Do that & he’d walk away from the game & it’d stay exactly as it is… nett result? Sweet F.A. except you get another ‘public face’ for you to shoot at.

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Ion will then snap his fingers and sell you mounts for $29.99, people will take the bait as usual and he makes more profit

I’m joking anyway. I like Ion, he’s a good guy.

Oh another “I haTE iON” thread.
He doesn’t make all the decisions, he’s just the person in front of the cameras telling us about what his team decided.

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Not convinced - you’re p!ssed at summat & WoW is carrying the can for w/e it is…


He already does that. If subs are dropping he just releases another shop mount that’s 2 months of subscription that make up for the loss of 2 players. They even admitted that a significant amount of their revenue comes from microtransactions, tokens, services and mounts. Why do you think that the only thing you see on trade chat is “WTS boost”?


Unless you have more specific information, he is officially the Game director which supposedly affects everything that is happening on the game. If you see a movie that you don’t like would you blame the director or the producers?

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They should make him mow your lawn, empty your rubbish bins, wash your car and wipe your cat’s butt, in return for 15 cents an hour, cutting him off at $1.20 max per day, unless you roll double sixes on some dice in which case he’s allowed to work overtime and get a maximum of $3 for the day.


Because it’s the easiest way to make gold now that the mission table do not give millions every month ?

Even in that case it wouldn’t be 100% on the director, it’s just the easiest name to find so it’s the easiest person to crap on

You continue paying for the product. The signal you’re sending is that you’re happy with the product.

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It’s called an addiction.

Not that players could win either way.

If people unsub instead, the people at the top won’t think too much about it - They’ll figure their cash cow is just at the natural end of its lifecycle, about to turn into a poor dog and the standard decision at that point is to disinvest.


That is indeed a good one :slight_smile:

Not true. Yesterday I saw a lengthy discussion about how beavers and otters cause climate change.

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Isn’t the unhappiness incentive to want to break the addiction?

I know what you’re saying and I’m not playing it down. I frequently end up playing this game way beyond the point where I enjoy it. If I’m honest with myself and cut the excuses I’m making, I find that the level of my unhappiness with the game, the design, and the dev team is directly connected to how much the game impacts my life negatively (and the intensity of the awareness of it).

What I’m really irritated about and upset with is my inability to just walk away. Not the game. It’s just easier to put the blame on the game and the design.