Make the Feralas and Tanaris wasps TAMEABLE!

Wasps got added as tameable in Wrath, but for some reason you cannot tame the ones in Feralas, Un’Goro and Tanaris.
At the moment you can only tame the fireflies and the 2 boss wasps from Shozalar.
I don’t understand why the other wasps cannot be tameable since you can tame Silithids in Wrath too…

For some reason femboy succubuses got added to the game but I still can’t tame the Feralas WASPS???
Please Blizzard, this would be such a nice change.


#stopthewaspcrimination #justiceforwasps #waspsarepetstoo


what’s even funnier is that on Petopia, the entire section labelled “Wasps” is all listed as untameable. Blizzard c’mon #justiceforwasps

Are You sure You are not talking about the Silithid, regarding Feralas, Un’Goro and Tanaris? Lorewise, i’d say it’s justified for them not to be tamable.

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In Wrath, with the Beast Mastery tree, Silithids became Tameable. It would be bizarre, if these Azeroth Wasps are actually Silithid, and Blizzard said they were not tameable a second time in another pet class that is now also Tameable in Wrath. Mind you Petopia, the hunter pet website, says they are indeed “Wasps”, in fact funnily enough, the only Wasps in the game by their standards, but even so, if they are Silithid, then shouldn’t they be classified as Exotic pets like the Hive’Zora, Hive’Zara, and Ahn’Qiraj Silithid, most of which are absolutely tameable.
From what I’ve read, Blizzard never categorised the Azeroth wasps as anything, like an oversight, and this is the sole reason they are not in the Tameable Wasp tree. If they were Silithids, it would say, “Silithid”, like the Tameable Soldier Silithids.
Lorewise the Raptors in the Barrens are “intelligent” as well as the Spirit Beasts and Glitch pets people have gotten away with.
In TBC Classic, Alliance Paladins got given a Horde seal because it was a retroactive misnomer on the devs part, and they fixed it, adding these Wasps to the wasp table would be no different, it’s not a new thing, they got added in later, and Wasps still are tameable as Fireflies with their Sting toolkit. It’s not like I’m proposing something crazy like a new ability or pet family.
I don’t mean to make it a personal comment, I just find it strange that Blizzard DID make an effort to add in Silithid AND Wasp families in Wrath, they just didn’t make certain models tameable for some programmable reason.

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