Marksman damage. Why blizzard?

I play only SP so I master my class quite well, to the point that I win 90% of duels i play, and since the recent patch hunters just delete my fully geared SP (with sporecloak and def talents) in 1v1 world PvP and BG’s. They already one-shotted people in arena pre-patch. JUST WHY BLIZZARD? :face_vomiting:

they have amazing kits for worldpvp and bgs. they are top 3 spec in that situations with camouflage surprise factor

World PVP and battleground 1v1 is not what PVP is balanced around.

It’s balanced around arena instead, where there are pillars. In an arena setting MM hunter can never beat SP 1v1, if of equal skill. You can abuse pillars and eventually win on attrition.


Interesting. I find hunter and mages the easiest to duel and it’s been like that for many xpacs.

Fury Warrior and Affliction lock on the other hand I don’t stand a chance.

Make rapid fire and aim shot “kickable”, and they get a silence effect on that spell, like a micro cd?
… and after they get interrupted, they get a a buff where cannot be rooted or snared beyond 100% of their normal speed, and call it “Cowardice”.

All hunter abilties suffer of being not many, but to make up the damage of other specs with a bit more diverse toolkit, the few main abilties do tons of damage on a short cooldown or no cooldown. Which maybe in pve doesn’t matter, but in PvP is just silly, maybe this is why hunter is made into glass cannon with stealth.


Again why?

Do you mean 1v1 situations or actual pvp?

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Why not? because…?

(also, if they can be a little bit more controlled, they might get better defensives, as they don’t get it because they are just getting buffed on a few abilities and are getting closer to a “one-shot” potential with a few abilities it has.)

Again I don’t personally feel anything toward the hunter, those time passed when I cared about the class anyway, but I also suggest buffing rapid shot and aim shot a little bit so they rarely not kill someone from a burst.

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