Masked noams say goodbye!

(Megatokyo) #1

Sorry jocks, the gnomes are out. These are not the faces I started with 14 years ago.

There has been some naughty matchfixing and I think you lost control over the content generator machine. But the ripped off faces hurt the most and this damage appears to be permanent.

I came here after months to see what you’re up to. Sorry to find you this way.


Uhm…not sure what I just read. But take care? :smile:


cya next patch

(Stinea) #4

kkbaiiii :slight_smile: take care.

(Yolandass) #5

See you in the next patch.

(Lepanto) #6

I deeply care about whatever it is you said.

Can I have your gold?

(Akurenia) #7

I do find it weird that the cute gnome faces are gone. I’ve always found them amusing in the past and always had at least 1 male and 1 female gnome for my alliance side. Now the females look quite dull but at least there’s still a sort of mischief with the male ones. :frowning:


I really like this poster, always understood what he says :joy: i remember he left few months ago because of how pathetic game state currently is/was.

he’s trying to say - that after those few months he came back to check if anything improved but he’s disappointed so he’s leaving again.

farewell megatokyo, we wont forget u

(Punyelf) #9

Farewell, hope you find enjoyable gnome (or other) adventures elsewhere :slight_smile:

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