Massive FPS drop in 8.1


As suggested by a Tech support from blizz , i am keeping this thread up since my issues are persisting

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Same here. At this point I’m beginning to think it’s not gonna get fixed even if they know what the cause actually is by now.


Or there is a minority of us and they dont care


As suggested by a Tech support from blizz , i am keeping this thread up since my issues are persisting.
Also Happy New year tonight!


i was at 130-180fps and today i’m at 70-95 fps.

my config is

ryzen 5 2600x
ddr4 3200 cas14
rx580 8g oc from manufacturor.
250g ssd driver.

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Still broke!


same! and no new drivers from nvidia yet


Actually there new drivers, but it’s not fixing anything with this ‘game’.

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Guess who has two thumbs and still has this issue? Bob Kel-… I mean. Me.


3 days ago it started happening to me as well.
First time in the new raid - and my fps started spiking from 20 down to 5 fps !

Before that in Uldir i was always around 30 and outside the raid 60-70.

Nvidia gtx 1050ti graphic card.

I mean it doesn’t even matter what my comp spec is, why would all work fine and suddenly not anymore when i didn’t change any of the hardware !

If it worked great with it few days ago there is no way its about my pc spec, is it?

But anyway at first i thought its my pc… so i cleaned all up,
reinstalled windows, deleted wow and downloaded all new and fresh.

Installed all the addons from scratch,
double checked i have the newest drivers,
there is rly nothing i didn’t try.

Tested playing with and without addons as well…

Same thing!
I am so angry for wasting so much time for nothing!

Outside raids i am only 30-40 fps now (down from over 60) and inside raid groups its terrible 20 to sometimes only 1 or 2 fps with big lags and freezed screens…

So if anyone finds a solution, pls share it…


Same problem here, was fine before this patch and now i’m down to 5fps in raids. I’ve played many newer games on my pc with no problem so it has to be something to do with this patch.


OK I am runing MSI GTX 1080 x 8gb with 16gb 3600 ram on ryzen 7
I lost 20 fps from solid 60 (vsync on because of my monitor refresh rate- if off; fps goes above 100) in zones and 45 in dazal, now I have 30 in city and 40 to 50 in zones. In BoD I have 25 fps.
yes I run at 160% resolution and everything on Ultra and High but it was fine before 8.1

Hope it helps Blizz respond to this problem.


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This threads been up a while and has received a decent amount of attention, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Blizz’s stance is that this is our problem. I’m not expecting a fix or even an official response anymore. Thanks for bumping this though!


Yeah, uldir was pretty bad fps for me but BoD isn’t any better, opulence kills my fps (down to ~8 in mythic P2) thats with a 1070 :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reports all, these are reports I’d like to investigate further, as your framerate should not drop that low. A few reports did mention “installed all addons from scratch”, please make sure to test this thoroughly without any addons installed. Even if disabled in-game, the addons are still loaded and can cause some odd issues at times. To investigate this throughly, please test with a “clean” World of Warcraft installation. Disable your Addon manager (if you use oen) and clear your UI (addons) completely. Close background applications and see if the same framerate drops happen afterwards.

If that still does not help out, post your System Files so we can have a closer look into this. Please go through the steps listed here, and create both the MSInfo and DxDiag files. Post them on a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive. Post the links here afterwards as Preformatted text </>, so we can have a look.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Im having the same issues with FPS drops, specially in raids where when above 20player.
Ill try to make reports tonight and share them in here


First time i see my fps to 1-5 max in raid and i played this game from vanilla, this game cannot be optimized for this expansion? I had to lower my fps to minimum and still have and issue. Is this going to be fixed? And btw i cleared wow and tested without add ons and still have the same issues. And the pc isn’t even old. Do we need a new pc every patch?


I have reinstalled WoW and still getting all the same problems.

ms info - pastebincom/498YUFgj

dxdiag - pastebincom/N9rW2FXZ


Am also having huge FPS drops since 8.1. Can barely get 15-20 FPS is raids now with that often dropping sub 10FPS which is just hell and that is with all addons disabled.

Have tried:

  • removing all addons (WTF, Interface, Cache included)
  • repaired WoW
  • Updated GPU Drivers
  • Updated every other driver, from network cards to motherboard
  • Bought more RAM
  • Tried both DX 11 and 12
  • Reducing resolution and increasing it made no difference to FPS which baffled me. Not that i expected much from increasing it, but for sciences sake.
  • Turned off background apps
  • Even read about making a secondary admin account

All the above were steps given in other forum posts here, in the US and on other 3rd party sites. In my research only thign i have noticed is it is mainly if not all nvidia cards that are having troubles, but that another thing too, the GPU.

On task manager my resources are not being stretched. Temps are low, CPU usage on all logic processors is low, GPU is low on normal resolution (it did spike when i doubled the resolution), RAM usage is ~2gb give or take just for WoW. The only anomaly i have noticed is when i am having troubles, only in combat really, my network is spiking all over the place.

Is getting to the point where i am going to have to give up raiding, at least heroic, as i am a liability and unable to perform even if i could tolerate the low low FPS. Raid is easily 75% of my focus so may as well quit at that point.

Is it worth opening another thread now i’ve typed all this out?

Pre 8.1 in raids i was getting ~30-40 FPS and outside i was struggling with screen tearing to the point i was contemplating a faster rate monitor to see the lushness. Now I play on what feels like a flip book and i have changed nothing.

Had to quit Raiding due to low FPS since 8.1

Can confirm, same problem for me. The first week everything was fine, no fps drops at all even in the most chaotic fight (in terms of animation on screen). Last week then I started having troubles on the second boss of the new raid, had to quit raiding. The worst thing is that this fps drop happens even into island expedition and in low content raid/dungeons when lots of animations are on screen. Not an HW problem as those drops are happening on both my PCs (with different HW setups).