Master loot - Create a poll

This is sensitive topic. People are split. Just make a poll like with WoD dungeons recently. See what people want.
I personally do not want master loot to come back. By letting people decide who get loot you risking soo much for not much gain. At the end we still get to roll the dice what loot we get so why taking so much risk. Instead maybe think about more option for people to acquire and upgrade gear.


Poll’s seem to be quite ineffective.

Seeing as Grimrail Depot won the poll, which is probally the worst dungeon to ever have as M+. Also Blizzard not noticing this is beyond my understanding of common sense :man_shrugging:

It was chosen because of the poll result. Pople memed it out:p blizzard just do the job and even bit further. They added motion sickness tool to both grim and maw of souls.