Master Summoner Rework 10.1

This change will be huge nerf for warlocks with also removing calling fellhunter but not having insta cast call dreadstalkers will feel extremeli unfun because you cannot finish peaple and you have to already cast a lot of spells. I would prefer just nerf some dmg but not take off the fun and dmg utility from the class. I think this change unhealthy for the game even streamers dont agree with it so summon dreadstalkers should be just baseline instant cast.


apparently demo dont cast enough yet, demo mechanics and gameplay werent enough puke tier yet so we get this

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If there is one demo still playing on the ladder, they’ll keep crying on the forum about it and blizzard will have to keep nerfing it. Glad i figured this out.

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“We would rather you didn’t play Demo” - quote from back in WoD I think.


happy with the nerf finally my demon overlords will no longer cc me for eternity meanwhile i faked their silencestun but precog doesnt get activated on that
or at least they will be getting crapped on more easily =)

its not “fun” to play vs demo as any caster especially aff because u get locked down for free the guy doesnt even need to land his interrupt
finally nerfed though

Best part is, that same guy playing demo will just fallback and roll the superior rog mage or warr to continue stomp you forever.

Every expansion these incompetent clowns make this spec more and more boring.

No surprise they would target master summoner, seeing as it was the only “fun” ability left.

Making fel lord cost no shards was long over due. No one is going to play it since it deals trash damage for 6 years.

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The same way it’s not fun playing demo vs good unholy dk players

Demo is obviously not casting enough. Need more opportunities to get interrupted on damage.


Imo they should just nerf pets damage across the board and make it so the more pets you have out the more damage the warlock does from their direct spells, like Hand of Gul’dan ect.

I think it would help eliminate some of the frustrations both demo and non-demo players have with the spec.

That being said, I would just prefer they reverted the fricken spec to MoP.

This is not enough !

I suggested increasing the cast time of Hand of Guldan to 30 minutes .
The trade off will be that once it finishes casting it destroys the arena , continent , everyone there and the warlock included .

While casting the warlock also bends and spreads his buttocks to any interested parties , like warriors charging from the Easter Isles , making airplane noises .

arms been s++ since launch of df and still is but we need focus nerfing some specs like demo makes me okay meme

no wonder hardly anyone plays this game when state of assa,arms for 4months ridiculous and now the situation with even bigger ridiculous ret and then the focus on nerfs is on some spec like demo rofl

some clowns crying about demo in middle of all this is just marvelous iq below body temp stuff and obviously biased people that have mental age of an 12y and nothing else in their lives than some pixels on a virtual game so they try to hold onto some godx state on their broken specs to very end till theyre last players in the game :joy: :+1:

idiots who dont have the iq normal enough to understand that in order to play player versus player you need other players to play against

so these people puke toxicity all around where they go making it as unpleasant as possible for everyone to be on their vicinity or grasp to the last straw to defend something beyond stupidly broken like retri or s+++ tier arms and sins since launch, atleast we got that sin on line finally but it sure took its time

ironically the same people are the last ones left in future wondering how come there is no people left playing the mode they held dear, witnessing it all objectively from the side rly is a wonder. you can go watch animals in zoo and witness more intelligent behaviour

nope im fine with these as i can at least fake them lol

Still on the fence about this change.

On one hand it looks horrible into melee cleave but on the other hand when you consider next patches haste values and it also reducing tyrant cast time with obelisk added in i suspect it will be close to being able to get off dogs and tyrant during the felguard summon stun along with your team mate cross ccing.

That all being said seems also unfair that the above is even a thing to get your damage out in comparison to what melee have to do to stop you and still pop all theirs sh!t whilst dpsing you down with their extra chromosone.

The problem is not 1v1 , what - the other guy(s) is just gonna sit and watch you summon tyrant and do nothing ?

But forget that … This means that demonology warlock will be the ONLY specs with 0 instant cast spells in their baseline toolkit .
Thats right not 2 , not 1 ZERO .

Even from the talents you can get a maximum of 2 (implosion and bilescurge bombers ) , which rely on once again casting to even get resource for them .
Okay okay , you got me 2 and DOOOOOM also which takes 17 sek to do 15k damage , with 0 dispell protection and is basically used for pulling mobs in pve while you are running .

That leaves you with relying on RNG procs that might or might not appear , which also rely on first getting some casts off .

What is left is being heavily funneled into felguard build where , all you do is basically play a mentally deficient warrior who can use and ability once every 45 seconds .

There is a reason why every demonology warlock has Master Summoner selected by default as a pvp talent .

Actually fell lord dmg is great but the cd is too long, 2 min for something with a small area of effect and cost shards on top of it and doesn’t even move and only hot in melee range is meh…

I use it sometimes against melee cleave on blades edge for example and got good value but that’s clearly not insane.

Observer still good but it does super quick this xpzc against aoe/dots without even being targeted.

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For now sp is hard casting every single spell apparently on the new patch, sp also have to cast his burst and they nerfed to the ground all procs from what I’ve seen on us forum.

I have not seen what happens to shadow priest , but to compare to demonology warlock you would have to make :
shadow word pain have cast time
shadow world death have cast time
shadow fiend have cast time
power infusion have cast time
renew have cast time

I probably missed some
Than you leave shadow crash , holy nova and 1 more random spell instant .
Than you would be in the state they want to turn demonology warlock in . Not saying you priests have it good or bad , but please . You can at least do something while moving . I can only apply a curse that does no damage and send the pet spinning once every minute or so .

If they got nerft how are they 3x s tier now every high rated player says demo and bm are ob the same lvl as ret and after these 3 warrior but only in rss or in combonation w a ret.

Let`s just say it was a random mistake and you failed to read the title where it says that the changes are for the upcoming patch 10.1