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About us

We are Matter, a raiding guild with Mythic raiding as our main goal. We want to improve as raiders, progress through raids, achieve Cutting Edge, and most of all, have fun doing it. We are a friendly and active guild with a great community, in our spare time we do mythic+, RBGs, or achievement runs together. We started this guild when Shadowlands launched, bringing friends together hoping we could forge a home of our own design, shaping our community into something most of us can indeed call home. We have a core of old-school players with plenty of raiding experience and a dedicated leadership seeking to expand. Through our dedication and bonds that we created, we hope we can say that the future is bright regarding upcoming content (tiers, expansions, etc)

You can probably see that apart from raiding, community is also very important for us, and we’re looking for people that seek stability and not guild-hop. Every guild has tough moments, they come and go. Some give up… while we endure!

We raid two official nights a week:




*all times are server time
Currently 10/10HC and 1/10M

What we expect from you:

★ A good and mature attitude going into raids

★ Preparation (researching bosses and class specific relevant information)

★ Attendance(Real life over game) for raid should be high around 80%

★ Willingness to improve(via log analysis, advice, etc) as both a raider and a guild member

★ Reliability & Honesty

★ Ability to understand constructive criticism

Us being a raiding guild expecting to know your class goes without having to emphasize. We also think that knowing how to play most, if not all of your specs comes naturally to a player that is considering mythic raiding.

What we offer you:

★ A fun & rage free raiding environment

★ An active guild and vibrant chat and discord.

★ Mythic+ & PvP outside the raiding hours

★ All consumables provided (food ,flask ,codex)

★ Leadership neutrality (everyone will have a fair chance to prove themselves, multiple times even) ★ A stable guild aiming for long term development

We are always looking for skilled players that can challenge our current roster!!! You’ll be given a form to fill out once you contacted us or we also do Discord interviews where people can talk freely and link whatever needed. We feel like it is a more modern, immediate and more productive approach towards recruitment.

If you’d like to get in touch for more information or schedule a chat you can add(discord): Kilazz#1901

Ingame: Kilazz

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello there, I have sent u friend request on Discord so maybe we can have a chat please :slight_smile:

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