MDI’s Regular Season Concludes with This Weekend’s Last Stand Tournament!

MDI’s Regular Season Concludes with This Weekend’s Last Stand Tournament!

Teams will compete in the Last Stand Tournament to determine who will secure the final spot in the Mythic Dungeon International Season 2 Global Finals, only on YouTube!

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Last? Does this mean 9.2 is around the corner?

Nobody cares.

(@Shumensko: it’s “last stand”, not last tournament.)

Fixed that for you

I feel like I tamed a forum pet.


Nobody cares. Its almost always the same specs. How about you buff other specs and shift the meta now and then?


The only thing missing from this sorry excuse for a game tournament is if it were streamed on YouTube Premium.



Isn’t /puke considered evil atm? Smh. Get it together Anthropea. Don’t you know Blizzard is creating a more diverse enviroment?

I thought that too.

Also, now most pug groups want shadow priest and it’s hilarious-pug life= hardcore meta slaves

I’ve seen this spec once in a blue moon(relatively hard to master and be good, but pugs don’t care and take whatever SP is out there, then key wtf dps, maaa key…)
Same with venthyr paladins- it’s not a pug friendly healer, but they want it because MDI…

And I simply ask it because thats literally how you keep things interesting. Who would wanna see spec X in all MDIs for 4-5 years? Thats just boring. Thats why i dont watch it. Echo vs. Incanr. Omega vs Reload. Literally ALL SAME COMPS. How can one enjoy that?

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Mind that time you tried to turn an mmo into an esport and ruined it?

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I got bored very quickly, couldn’t tell which team was which…same meta covenants, same classes, same pulls🤷

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