Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Brigante) #187

Ugh…Alliance sympathiser, get out of the Horde. You don’t like Blood Elves? Then you don’t really like the Horde, Get back to the Alliance with you!

Nope. That is not how their story starts, you actually play through the reasons before you even recruit them as an Allied race…

One side goes “Hey, we’re here to help, but, we don’t agree with how you’re coping with mana addiction, I know you’ve got these magic apples and all, but I just want to make sure your other source of survival without becoming mindless zombies is removed, but hey, I’m on the Good side, but -I HATE YOUR FACE AND THINK YOU WILL BECOME ASZHARA EVEN THOUGH -I-AM THE ONE WITH A CULT OF PERSONALITY!” then leaves in a huff

The other party goes “Hey look, we’re here to help…‘Wow, we liberated your city, I bet you’re happy about that, right?’ Listen, we can see you have some Mana problems, we do too, you have, or had, a Nightwell, We have a Sunwell we can probably swap notes on how to manage your problems”

“Well, Tyrande was kind of a jerk to me just now…”

“Yeah, she does that, but her people have isolated themselves from the rest of the world as long as you have, she should understand your plight, instead of being a hypocrite, but hey, you’re Highborne, we’re the Scions of the Highborne, lets be pals? Hey I’ll take you to meet my boss’s Boss, he’s a nice guy, only got one eye, but he is a nice guy…”

“Hey, he is a nice guy, called me by my first name, treated me like an equal, not someone to be threatened before departing in haste, behaved in a civil manner, not a brusque dismissive one, plus I have just seen with my own eyes, someone from the Alliance try to destroy the Sunwell….Sun and stars above, they really -are- monsters that need stopping!”

Don’t ascribe human motivations towards Elves. Think what was said and witnessed.

Absolutely Untrue. That is simply not the case. The Class Hall’s were -Not- Faction specific, they did not represent factions -at all-. That was never the case. If you think it was, I’m gonna have to ask for a citation or source for that?

No, The Kaldorei behaviour forced them into that…

They actually had a lot more reasons, more than I listed here, but sure, Tyrande can do no wrong (Despite the fact she repeatedly does) Di you really need me to list the reasons? I mean I can…

Why do they need to join the War? Maybe the Magic Shield that protected them for -Ten Thousand Years- had just been destroyed. Maybe they felt they -had- to pick a side, and chose the side who were nice and helpful, as opposed to the one who sent the serial alienator of people to do their negotiation and make threats…You can kind of see how that would pan out.

Did you even…right, OK, lets start simple, The Night Elves did them a bit of a favour, the Quel’dorei did them a bit of a favour, the Sin’dorei did them a bit of a favour. Everybody is happy friends. The Quel’dorei, as is their want when Christie Golden gets bored of them, vanished up their own bottoms and exited the scene. The Kaldorei remained behind to say "We are glad the source that nourished your people are destroyed and now you are dependent upon magic apples. By the way, we hate your kind, and I think -you- are just like your predecessor! Let us ignore the fact that I just turned up at the last minute and you have been fighting her for ages! You also are…umm, Like Aszhara, yes, exactly, not at all a matriarchal figure who has built up a devoted cult around her and will embrace dark powers to achieve her aims…Awkward pause “NO! You are like Ashzara, I will be watching you! For I am Aszh…ahem,…Tyrande!”

The other side however is "Hey, happy we could help out, The mana thing? ugh, I get It, I lived through it, worked different for us, too much rather than too little, but we’ve got a balance with our Sunwell, want to come and see it?

Yeah. No Reason at all…

There are no Horde Druids in that scenario, there are Horde Druids in Silithus, that kind of…indicates where their efforts were…

Sorry, so the in game depiction is not accurate? Is that what you are saying? Because we can turn that the other way around you know? But sure, lets go with the depiction in the game, is not accurate because it does not suit the Alliance narrative.

He just got arrested. What happened to Jaina after murdering civilians and innocents? Oh that’s right, she gets a song about her, a magical flying frickin’ ship, and to be the head of a nation whilst the Horde ones died. I don’t think you understand what balance is. Where is Jaina’s punishment? Where is it!

It is unravelling at the moment, I mean that is exactly what is happening! The Racial Leaders even -say- so to the Player Character! Every Leader is against it…good grief, what do you want SoO version 2?

You…think it was better on Hordeside?

So do I. “My People would never, will never attack you!” Uhhh, Malfurion…you kind of famously did. “Really?” Yeah, a boat and everything, and then like, Soldiers who were stealthing about killing…just people around their business…" “Impossible, we would never do su-” “There was also occupying crucial locations vital to Quel’thalas, it was almost as if,…oh I don’t know you wanted to do us harm in some way”

“But, but Christie Golden said that th-”

“Just stopping you there, she doesn’t know the Game’s Lore, she makes frequent mistakes, she is -not- a reliable source”

“But I am Malfurion, the worlds most powerful druid!”

“Lets be fair mate, You’re a teenage kid, in a pair of furry tracky bottoms, Wearing a pair of American Football shoulderpads, covered in fur, that you bought from Primark, very classy, Your wings, They’re good, did you…kill the pigeons yourself or happen to find them on the street, because…you might want to check those if so…High risk of mites, The Antlers…There’s no easy way to say this, but…did you think about it before you developed this “blessing of Nature?” " It’s going to cause you problems entering buildings, and rooms, in fact…anywhere that is built for a normal person, and not essentially a walking coat rack. I mean it is a powerful look! Just…Not so powerful in someone’s living room, I am just saying” Malfurion leaves in a huff

“Thank Gods, I was hoping to avoid the fact that his hair and beard with that shade of green made him look like a tragic goth from the 80’s”

“But, he did kill a lot of Horde Soldiers Sir?”

"Alright, a -violent Goth-
“Is there such a thing Sir?”

“After four Snakebites and Black anything is possible…”


Thats a pitfall of a statement that can be used to justify any amount of bs within the story. “Doesnt make sense? Well its because elves were crazy to begin with.”

Did you join a netural faction at the start of your orderhall campaign? Were you removed from world pvp or faction politics? Did your character suddenly stop being horde or alliance?

So dismissive behavior now forces you to do things… sorry… what…?
I repeat myself: Its a race that spent god knows how long in neutrality. Going back to that was a possibility, but even at a bare minimum there was absolutely no reason to join a war out of the frikin blue, especially against any of the sides that just liberated your lands, and yes: thats BOTH horde and alliance.

Along with most of the reasons for it being there in the first place. The legion was defeated and unless you want to tell me that they expected the alliance to attack them, there was no reason to assume that they need a strong ally in the horde against a potential invasion.

Read through what you wrote nice and carefully and then answer me this: What part of that exactly justifies going to war against half of the planet’s nations?

And we both know thats where this issue will stay. Never to be mentioned ever again. Neither by tauren, by druids, by the cenarion circle or by anything or anyone else.
Its a damn plot hole and you know it. It will never be resolved or mentioned again.

Elaborate on this a bit longer cause it seems to me that you imply that theramore has been somehow rectified and everyone was absolutely innocent. Not sure what your larger picture of reference is here.

6 months into the war. Apparently horde is pretty slow on the uptake.
You know, the same people who had such a firm resolve and values that they went into civil war against garrosh. The very same people who stood by the tree and were like “we gut noffin left but ze horde bruh, we muz follo, unquestioning, like ze ded”.

And what is this supposed to be… are you seriously implying that the company that made this story for 15 years is now to be excused because some random writer they hired did just as many mistakes as they did? AFTER 15 YEARS?

Apparently you would be completely fine with the notion that your physics professor just forgot how multiplication works.
I mean it happens to 4 year olds too, there is no reason to pester the guy for it after a LIFE TIME OF UTILIZING IT.

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My suspecting is gilgoblins and mechagnomes. Because all allied races were nothing but reskins so far. Real races usually get their own starting zone and capital hub. Which is impossible here since both other races are natives to vol’dun. Aka the foxes and snakes.


And the horde champion did everything in their power to help the Sethrak take out the Faithless and stop the C’thraxxi(or what it was called) and killed G’huun (Lorewise).
Yes, an alliance hero saving their leader is definitely what would justify them becoming an alliance race.

(Daltor) #191

You’re putting too much logic into this.
Remember Legion when both factions helped save Suramar from the Legion.
Only for the Nightborne to jump into bed with the Horde because their leader felt offended that someone didn’t trust them.

Do what Blizzard does, don’t let logic constrain your choices.


True, Blizzard doesn’t care, even though they should

(Marrowrot) #193

First off Tyrande were a lot more than dismissive. She acted as if she didn’t care about them at best to almost hostile at worst towards the nightborne at every interaction, straight up telling them “the more shal’dorei that take up the fight, the fewer of my people who will be lost in the liberation of Suramar” also good stuff like
“The Nightwell is no more.
These Nightborne will learn to survive without its corrupting power, or they will perish.”.
It’s not strange they didn’t feel welcomed by the night elves if their leader acted like that.
Also, there was a truce or at least ceasefire in place when the nightborne joined the horde as the war hadn’t started yet. It is usually wise when you’re a small player that recently joined the world stage to go with one of the major powers. Keep in mind that they just had a civil war, the nightwell is deterioating and they lost their protective bubble.


Mechagnomes will be fine. Let the Gnome players have a bone thrown to them please, they don’t really get anything else.

Vulpera, KT and Zandy to a lesser extent would be the only allied races whom are more than “just a simple reskin”. I mean it may equal out if horde do get foxes as the KT model is more unique than the zanda one in terms of design, even if it is “just a chubby human”.

But seriously people whinging that it’s just a customisation option for mechagnomes? So are basically all of the allied races sans potentially foxes and KT. People heralding velf as fine but mechagnomes a dudshot? There’s literally blue belf with funny hair glows. That’s it. Mechagnomes look more different to normal gnomes than velf do to belf.

Just imagine what you can do with their racials. Horde got their “pick a racial” with the zanda. Alliance get a race that essentially tunes themselves up with new parts. It’s an invitation for the same kind of deal, and it would be awesome.

The small Gnome fanboi in me has already jotted down potential racials for mechagnomes that would incorporate such customisation.


Which yet again means that there was no need to join either sides. If anything, trading and relations would have been the best had they stayed neutral for the time being.

  1. We are not talking about a frikin troll tribe like the dark spears. This civilization is more than capable of fending for itself unless its being attacked by the joint effort of either horde or alliance races.
  2. They spent a god knows how long not giving a damn about joining the world stage and suddenly its now such a burning desire that they literally went along with azeroth’s invading force, the orcs. Makes absolutely perfect sense.

Which are all pretty damn good reasons to remain neutral instead of starting to take sides randomly. Not only that but with such a leet touch at politics that just because of Tyrande being an ***, they went and took a wow to serve orcs and undead.
Especially take a strong, good look at that latter part and tell me how likely it is for high born god damn elves to associate with the remnants of the scourge and pig herding orcs which thought they would take azeroth from the local population.

Even if i was to take all of these points and agree with you on them, none of this would hold true after the burning of teldrassil.
Suddenly all the hopes of a lasting peace are out the window and you are faced with the factual reality of having to hunt down the people who saved your race.

We can do any amount of glory rounds around this and we can put seven hundred thousand underlines on how much of a biach Tyrande is, but that will still never get anywhere near a point where the current story would be justifiable in which they attack the alliance in a joint operation with the horde.
This narrative is and will be bleeding out of a hundred thousand wounds.

(Brigante) #198

Ehhh, or it could be because their mindset, values and goals are completely alien to our understanding, because they are an entirely different species from the only one we have direct experience of, our own. There has to be a certain suspension of belief for the game to work, and sometimes things won’t make sense, like for example, How come the Iron Horde decided to Invade Azeroth before securing their hold on Draenor and wiping out the Draenei there first? How come Jastor Gallywix is the racial leader of the Goblins when he royally screwed a bunch of them over and is pretty much a hated figure amongst his own people? How come the Exodar is in canon lore, repaired and completely able to fly to places, interdimensionally, and yet -somehow- there were enough spare parts to built a complete other spaceship (albeit a smaller one) and yet for some inexplicable reason, rather than taking the behemoth that is the Exodar to Argus, they sent the comparatively tiny Vindicaar?

Sometimes things just have to happen to drive a narrative along.

Ermm, Yes, you do. The Order Halls were entirely Neutral, this is why you have several notable characters from -both- factions in them. I mean as Brigante, when I was running the Unseen Path I had both Halduron Brightwing, and Vareesa Windrunner in the order. I mean, if you are asking was your character shifted to some bizarre middle stance between the factions then the answer is obviously No, as the game mechanics simply wouldn’t allow it, I mean how would that work? Vareesa quite famously hates the Horde, and Blood Elves especially, why would she decide to join an order ran by one? Again, for Narrative purposes.

It isn’t just dismissive behaviour, Thalyssra didn’t align her people with the Horde just because Tyrande was a big meanie to her. Consider the reasons and the very close relations the Shal’dorei have with the Sin’dorei, I mean they’re pretty much different sides of the same coin, they are natural allies. Sure, they -look- like Kaldorei, but they’re actually the type of people that the Kaldorei would have Exiled at the same time as the Sin’dorei. So suddenly they find themselves unprotected by their magical bubble, one group of people they have absolutely nothing in common with, bar skin colour, and who also have been Unpleasant to you, make a threat and leave. Another group of people you have a lot in common with, were pleasant and welcoming…

Tell Tyrande that. Her words to Thalyssra did indeed imply a threat. No one likes being strongarmed in that way. How do you protect yourself against a threat by a gang of bullies? You get Big Friends who will stick up for you.

What part of it doesn’t?

I mean there are countless examples from our Real World history where just that has happened! I’ll cite you a famous one. Why did Great Britain and France decide to declare War on Germany, Italy and the other Axis Powers during World War II? Neither had been directly menaced. The Wehrmacht was a scary big power. Why did they declare war on the Axis? (A lot of people forget that it was the Allies who declared War on the Axis) Because they invaded Poland, with which they had an Alliance. If you bond yourself to a cause or political faction then you kind of are obliged to go to war when they do, I mean that is exactly how power blocs work. I always maintain that if something has happened in our history in the Real World, that no one can claim it is unrealistic in a fantasy setting.

You think? We just don’t know that yet. Especially with Baine’s arrest, we just haven’t seen the backlash from that yet, what we -do- know, is that every Horde leader apart from ehh, the Mag’har Orcs, strongly disapproves of how things are going, but think Baine jumped the gun and went off too soon. Sylvanas is running out of time, the Horde is going to turn on her.
The thing with the Cenarions is trickier. No one can deny that the massive loss of civilian life when Teldrassil burned was horrific, morally an absolute crime, but that’s not a Cenarions thing, that’s an everyone thing, the natural abhorrence for such an act.
From a Druidic perspective, removing the personal revulsion at the loss of life and regarding Teldrassil itself, not the people on it, the response is likely to be “Good riddance” Teldrassil was a corruption, it was created out of Arrogance for Selfish motives by someone who then Betrayed the Cenarion Circle. Teldrassil was one person -Forcing- themselves on Nature. That is exactly counter to everything the Cenarion Circle stand for. Even Malfurion thought it was a horrible idea. I’m not going to spell it out because for reasons that would make me uncomfortable, but what Fandral Staghelm did, was something that is regarded as a crime by every country in our Real world, just against Nature and the Planet, not a person. So leaving aside the loss of life, the Druids aren’t going to give a stuff. Teldrassil was an abomination against nature anyway. Nozdormu had the right idea.

Purge of Dalaran, where she went ape and flat out killed four dudes, formed a coup d’état and arbitrarily arrested a member of the council of Six with no evidence, then set loose a paramilitary group on a murder and torture spree, rather than the -actual- Law enforcement of Dalaran, whilst wandering the streets killing some people, teleporting others, seemingly at random, and ignoring the fact, whilst witnessing it, that the paramilitary group with no legal powers of arrest that she had unleashed were killing unarmed civilians in broad daylight on the streets. She saw that and she did -nothing- despite having caused it. Know what we call that in our real world?

A War Crime.

And that’s what Jaina is, a War Criminal. Lets not forget she attempted Genocide -Twice- and was only stopped by Thrall and Kalecgos.

But no, she can do no wrong…

How long do you think revolutions take to build up momentum? An Overnight thing, like an On/Off switch? Let me give you an In Game example, I don’t even need to cite real life for this, How long did the Siege of Orgrimmar take to build up steam?

Let me just remind you, she is one of the developers, she has a say in the storyline, and has publicly stated that she favours the Alliance, in particular Anduin and Jaina, Also Baine, because he is very pro-Alliance. Hmmm, what’s the common theme here?

To be honest I’d be more concerned about their mental health. I mean if they had suddenly lost the ability to use basic mathematical equations I’d be worried for -them- I’d probably have a word with another member of the faculty. This implies of course that I was studying somewhere, and presumably Physics. I studied Physics, and married a woman with a doctorate in Quantum Physics, so the real spooky shiz. Multiplication just doesn’t really come into it much, so…I doubt we’d notice…

Four year olds who can do multiplication? OK, now that is impressive, that is some child prodigy right there! I’m not sure where you are going with this, can you call four years a -lifetime-? I’m not so sure that you can…

However, we are derailing this thread. So let us agree to disagree and let it return to its natural state.

(Marrowrot) #199

The nightborne literally thought the world fell to the legion back during the sundering and that they were the only survivors in the bubble until the legion returned in legion. Which is the reason they’ve been isolated for so long.
They never experienced the first war, the scourge or anything that happened in the last 10k years. Only what’s been told to them.

It couldn’t matter less if orcs or undead are part of the horde as they are not the reasons they joined, the nightborne wanted to be a world player again now that their isolation is broken, and they preferably wanted elven allies, the others just came with the deal. Let’s not forget that it was the blood elves that sought out further diplomatic relations to try to get them to join the horde. The night elves didn’t send any diplomats or anything after they helped liberate Suramar.
The blood elves then showed them how free they were to practice their own culture and what not undisturbed in the horde, which does seem like a great deal to be honest, as being part of a larger organization like the horde or alliance gives you a lot more influence on the world stage than if you’re alone on the world stage.
They also don’t hang around Orgrimmar but Silvermoon. Not really mingling with the other horde races too much.

It’s really not, they are formidable sure. But on the world stage they are a minor player. They just lost their font of power and are weakened by their civil war. You would not need the full might of either faction to bring them down if you really wanted.

There’s no nightborne in darkshore so they don’t take part of it, also I’m quite sure that the nightborne didn’t want it to happen, also Thalyssra is showing signs of not being happy with Sylvanas as are many other horde leaders, we also know there’s a rebellion coming and I’m sure the nightborne will be part of it.

I don’t care how Tyrande acts, she always acted like that. However any country would be idiots to pick a country which been negative towards you and is not seeking relations, over a country which only been positive and actively seeks further relations.
I’m not going to keep bashing about her, but you made it sound earlier like she only said one mean silly question when that is not the case.

The nightborne joining the horde is actually one of the few things which are not full of holes and actually makes sense.


Indeed. However, all of that can be written in a manner that makes sense, or in a manner that it doesnt. Essentially, there will be always good and bad writing, such as for instance that of the Vindicaar which should have been destroyed before legion ended cause its now basically yet another massive plothole sitting in the open.
The alliance is playing around with the horde while they have a space ship that can withstand the offensive capabilities of a frikin legion home world and nuke stuff from near orbit.
It could have been destroyed as part of the story, thus have the entire problem resolved. What are we having instead? Oh you know “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard”

If you want to build up a case of cultural difference, then i donno… maybe they should articulate all those cultural differences in the first place?
Its about as fabulous a concept as the night elf rangers who have been raised by Nathanos and the valkyrs and went instantly “yup, we are forsaken now”.

In terms of quality these are stories constructed by a 4 year old.
Its so far detached from anything you would expect from a multi billion dollar company that has been writing this for 15 years that it scrapes away at the definition of sanity.

I didnt ask about the orderhalls being neutral, i asked was your character suddenly moved into a position of neutrality? Were you suddenly prevented from faction pvp? Were you able to enter a faction’s cities without being attacked by guards? Was there ANY FORM OF ANYTHING that would suggest that you are now on neutral grounds?
Or is it more that we were literally fighting eachother over half of the broken isles? Like pvp world quests?
I donno about you, but im getting strangely mixed signals about all this supposed “we do not represent our factions and are completely neutral now” idea.

Okay… since this keeps on coming up over and over again… please stop for a moment and elaborate on the context of their dome being removed.
Are they now at a threat of invasion?
Cause thats literally the only way, bringing this up would have ANY form of meaning.
Is someone out to occupy them or take them by force?
Do they NEED to join any of the major powers in order to be able to cope with this mysterious threat?
Or is it more that the legion was defeated, all enemies are goan, the factions are still in truce, in fact peace talks are in order?

I repeat myself: Nothing suggested that they would need to join any of the factions as non neutral. If anything, they should have been a pandaren style neutral race. THAT would have made sense.
Even if i go along with everything you said on just a nod, the burning of teldrassil changes everything. After that, this is no longer a union between long lost cousins. They are literally obligated to murder the people that took part in liberating them and yes: That includes you, the hero, the leader of the orderhalls, cause surprise surprise, you are not lost in the nethers, you are there on the front lines too.

And now that we successfully made quantum physics about this issue, can we just simplify it back down again? Ask yourself what makes more sense:

  1. Them joining either factions.
  2. Them being neutral just like pandaren.

Tyrande is not the alliance. Just pointing that out for you there.
Also, you can always work to earn trust, but i guess there are always easier paths to take that make no sense whatsoever, like joining a bunch of undead and invading orcs.

For the same reason the USA did. They knew that Germany would not stop until they dominated the entire planet.
Now spin a reference like that inside wow just like i asked you above. Who are the enemies, the invaders, the mysterious threat they need a strong ally against?

The legion is defeated, the factions are having a truce, peace talks are in the air, f ff ff ff ffff ffff QUICKLY I NEED AN ALLY AGAINST ALL THESE THREATS. Why exactly…?
And then the side you joined just attacks the others with barely as much as a warning, not even going by war standards, instead burning a world tree with only women and children inside.
The reaction of your dear elves: “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard”
Coincidentally thats the exact same thing the rest of the horde races had, the taurens had, the druids had, the cenarion circle had, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

I’d call that a disease badly written story, but hey. Thats just my take on it.

Really…? Lets open a book about all the plot holes till now which we conveniently forgot about by this point? Not even going far, the vindicar is sitting on top of this comment.
Do you think we will really come back to it at some point with i donno… anduin going like FACEPALM I FORGOT WE HAVE A SPACE SHIP THAT CAN NUKE THINGS FROM ORBIT. SORRY GUYS.

No really… do you HONESTLY believe that?
Cause if you do, im not even mad, im just astonished at this point.

Was completely justified and within her rights to do after they utilized dalaran as a horde logistics point. In fact, she went really god damn easy on everyone compared to the magnitude of the issue, which could have moved the entirety of frigin dalaran from a neutral faction/city to a military target.
They were told. Eye to eye not to even think about it. They went into it regardless.
What exactly was your expectation there in an actual war? A slap on the wrist, returned in kind by a kiss on the ***?

They sided with the those who bombed theramore. AFTER the courtesy of being warned and told upfront not to do it, doing it regardless and endangering the entirety of dalaran in the process.
Sorry, you can call this controversial, but from a war crime, its pretty damn far.
The elves literally built a bonfire, stripped themselves to a pole and lit the entire thing ablaze. You wont be able to just go and blame the fire for all the dead. There were steps 1, 2 … 10 before that.

There were no talks about any revolution or anything else for that matter. Flick back to the old soldier clip. The narrative was literally “the horde is the only thing we got left”, meaning we need to get **** done even if disagree with it, even if we just burned a capital city’s worth of women and children for no damn reason whatsoever.

But lets not even go that far cause this EXACTLY what i was talking about.
See the horde HAD internal politics before bfa. They HAD a council, they HAD leaders of each race.
After garrosh, how the ever living **** did we get to the burning of teldrassil again? Remind me please.
Cause going by story and lore there is a good chance she would have been killed on darkshore by all the enraged hordies who suddenly found themself under a Garrosh again.

You could make the argumen that by some mythical, absolutely mysterious reason everyone went along with an occupation plan for Teldrassil. Then please continue and do tell how everything has worked out from the moment she torched it with only women and children inside.

Oh no wait wait wait wait
I know
“lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard”
Nobody within the horde except the comedy relief duo of saurfang and “shake your head in every clip” baine had as much as a tiny blue fart to say about it.

You tell me. Seems to be “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard” and burned kaldorei children.
But hey, thats just me. I might be wrong.

Well damn. Really?
Guess what. I am really concerned about the collective brain of blizzard’s devs too cause i cant even remotely understand how we ended up with a story telling that has the hall marks of an 8 year old’s scribbles.
And really.
No offense here
None whatsoever
But its ridiculous that we roll with stories that have plot holes that blot out the frikin sun. That turn AN ENTIRE FACTION from an alliance of vivid cultures and politics to scourge 2.0 brainless undead with “we gotta follo mon” RIGHT AFTER A CIVIL WAR WHERE THEY STOOD UP FOR THEIR VALUES TALL AND PROUD.

And thats just the tip of the ice berg.
The tauren should have been at open war with sylvanas a day after the burning and all druids turning their backs on them
Guess how that was explained by our dear story telling team that forgot how to use basic math: “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard”

If we could have it at least explained by the dev team
We are overworked
We dont have the man power
We this
We that
We sorry
We thought
We whatever
I cant comprehend it on any level.
Not only their story is “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard” their justification for “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard” is literally “lets not speak about it © ™ blizzard”.

Its all the glory and fun of stacking insanity and bad management that can exist simultaneously within a single frame of time and physical location.
Any more and it would brake the physics of the frikin universe.

Im quite enjoying finally being able to talk about these things cause there is one collective theme here that unites all these issues, which i just said directly above.
I dont understand the reason for any of these decisions.
Even at this point, im still unable to say or claim that its simply the fact that they are bad at their jobs, they are untalented, they should have been fired a long time ago.
I cant say that.
But at the same time im running out of options here and they are not providing anything that would explain the issue either.

(Uruk) #203

Cyborg gnomes are a lame race and would be a complete waste of an allied race slot.

But hey, I’m sure that those whooping hundred people who are looking forward to playing them will be happy.

(Lexicus) #204

Honestly, i just want something which isn’t some sort of re-skin.
I Mean with the Mecha-Gnomes, you wouldn’t even notice because.

  1. They’re Small as …
  2. Armour will cover everything.

So far i’m a bit miffed about some of the allied races, epecially with Void Elves who felt like they were made up on the spot. And there’s like only 12 of them.
Now i know the whole High Elf thing is a sore subject, but people wanted them so much.
And with all these races, you can’t even say numbers are a problem anyway!


keep in mind that the allied races are not meant to be entirely new races, only subraces.

On the vulpera, they are effectively just Fox Goblins.


Just another alliance guy trying to bargain what he/she gets on the forums.

Man thats so unique.

(Lilura) #207

Ah, just another Horde guy trying to call the Alliance unjustified in their wishes just cos their Alliance.

How unique.

(Korrina) #208

The kul’tirans are the most unique race to date and they are part of the Alliance.

As for high elves, I was much more against the idea than what I am now. For one, I would like to see the heads of the no more elves crowd explode :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, but also, it’s not really a big deal anyway.

I would prefer if they would give light skin colours to void elves though. I don’t want to see a race that was just introduced forgotten, and I think that would be a better compromise.


There are no bargains m8. I stated something very very simple and easy understand.
There will be a backlash if this comes to pass, because its ridiculous.
Nothing more, nothing less.
For anyone who played this game longer than a few weeks, the truth of my words is self-evident. For everybody else: Feel free to pour all the salt on me you like for pointing out something obvious.

If you want to add more context to my words, then go along the lines of how sick and tired i am of whoever makes these decisions at blizzard, who doesnt have a modicum of understanding about neither the players or the game itself, nor does he/she apparently give a damn.

Let me get this straight, just so we are both on the same page here.
Fat humans
are the most unique race to date
in world of warcraft

Im not even mad. That statement is actually amazing.

(Minria) #210

Can’t you remember how a lot of Alliance players posted on forums ‘plz give us kul tiran humans as allied race’?
Because I can’t. It’s the race no one ever asked for.