Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Daltor) #41

You do, they’re just skinny and undead.


One thing is almost for sure with the addition of the icon, they are gonna be added as AR. From the story so far they seem to have a lot reasons to lean more towards the Horde, they are basically allies.

Neutral races seem to not be a thing Blizz wanted to add (not because former employee claimed it, but because they avoid them since)

(Jurgenhan) #43

Here we go again with the Horde getting a better race than Alliance. At this rate, Alliance will end up with a 50% warmode bonus because if Blizzard keeps giving the cool races to Horde, everyone will keep running to Horde.


I’d wait for Worgen update, They are overall great race but those playable models/animations - casting and their racial Running Wild (they look like jumping frogs!) are in quite bad state, if they make the changes well, I know some people who are waiting eagerly for it to play them :slight_smile:

But getting Vulpera/Mechagnomes - the Alliance would got much shorter stick for sure (no pun intended)


The alliance are due a properly flashy new race like the Seth. Everything they’ve had up to this point has been below the Horde’s option imo

(Moritz) #46

Void elves and KT and above and beyond the other playable races in the game full stop in my opinion.


Like I said it’s all subjective, but I don’t think KT were nearly as well received as Zandas and others

The only exception being Void Elves of course

(Moritz) #48

Thats because no one wants to play as an obese character.
But I find very little new in the Zanda.
They are normal trolls with a posture option and awesome druid forms that most players wont care to play as.


I have to disagree Zandalari in my POV are very unique and nice addition, which many players wanted and those got what they dreamed of since MoP, so good for them :slight_smile:

Tbh I like DI Dwarves quite a lot from the Alliance AR.


And this is what I’m talking about. You say that’s just because nobody wants to play as an obese character, well there you go. That’s more or less proving my point.

Some love them obviously, nothing wrong with that.

Another fine example is what you say about Zandas. Many love them, they’re everything Trolls should have been in the first place, looks wise. I mean look at my rogue, man. He’s the Chad of Trolls.

(Izila) #51

Possibly. I guess we both do the same dungeon but Alliance presence isn’t explained just like Uldir.

What else is new though.

(Daltor) #52

Being blue blood elves.

(Moritz) #53

Just because its not what everyone wants though does not mean its not what the game needs.
Sometimes a game needs characters to shake up the idea of a dream character and reflecting who they really are.

But they look awesome for what they are and I do not feel we need more to compensate for them not being the new most played race.

(Daltor) #54

Doesn’t a game need what people want? Therefore ensuring that people actually play the game?


Sorry just elaborate for me - you don’t feel we need more fancy/popular allied races, or you don’t feel we need any further allied races in general?

I mean either way doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, as Daltor sort of states above


They look good, at least for me, they are not obese or fat, but their model - height - is not really explained and that is what bothers me, it seems that these models are different solely for gameplay purposes.

(Moritz) #57

yes and no.
Many people received them very well.
They are not the normal fantasy character which is why imo they were less liked.
But people should be able to feel as if they can make themselves and not an idealised version of themselves according to society.

(Moritz) #58

Neither of them is what I want.
Given my way the game would be like sims 4 create a sim with weight sliders but add hight sliders.
Even keep the feet size slider.

(Daltor) #59

What are you spouting on about? If we only made ourselves, this game would be 99% humans and 1% dwarfs.

(Moritz) #60

…Thats not even close to what I was getting to…
Look at my last post.