Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Daltor) #61

I am, but I can tell you 99 reasons why that won’t work.
Primarily because this game’s hardware is ancient and you would have to start from scratch to do that.

They’ve already been pushing the engine to it’s limits for the past couple of years.

If we can’t get similar customisation like new hair, what makes you think we’re get BOTW customisation?

(Moritz) #62

I didn’t say they could do it.
Which is why I welcome new races like the KT which are designed in such ways they look like they are.

But we both know its about time they made a new engine XD


Tbh Ido not like sliders, just a side note and people I know are happy with how customisation works in WoW, it’d be just good to add more options to it.

(Daltor) #64

Which is the most we can really ask for while remaining realistic on the matter.


Is it possible to make new engine and transfer already existing data from the old engine?

(Daltor) #66

Is it possible to make a new brain and transfer active consciousnesses and memories to it?
It can remake everything, but it will never be the same.

(Moritz) #67

It should be so long as they assign the same values to all the unlocks.
as in 1=1 and 2=2.


Thanks for the answers, this is area I have practically zero knowledge…


If it were possible within a reasonable degree of effort Blozzard would have most likely done it by now. This is why people have been asking for a WoW 2 for the last several years, but i’ve grown to find a certain charm to the way the game looks now


I love the feeling WoW has … but that works mostly for us, those who play the game for a long time.

(Daltor) #71

You would need to rebuild everything from the ground upwards.
You can remake everything, but that takes time and money.
You cannot easily cross things over. It’s like taking parts from one car and placing them into another, there is no guarantee that the parts will work in the new car.

(Moritz) #72

Do you play pokemon?
Think of it like passing a pokemon from gen 1 virtual console to gen 7 which have completely differnt IV and EV systems.
They would have had to made a middle ground converter but its not too hard done.
Its just resigning values.

(Moritz) #73

From the keeping what we have as characters perspective its very easy.
From keeping the assets they made already it would be like trying to open an excel document in movie maker.

(Daltor) #74

Even though we’re not keeping our characters, we’re having our character recreated and told it’s our characters.

Your comment about the assets compared to file types is good however.
There are many things that simple wouldn’t work and would need to be completely remade.

Too much time and too much effort for a game which has only 2 or 3 expacts left in it.


On the other hand the time, when the transition would not be mandatory, is coming. Blizz knows about the state of their game and they would not, despite of all the doomsayers, let it die.


There is possibility for much more, remember “The end is coming!” was chanted even in Vanilla X)

(Moritz) #77

Its not hard done from the perspective of translating our characters from the new engine.
The effort comes from remaking the whole game on a new engine and if they think their game will last long enough to make it worth making one.

I say it will so long as they make more legions and less BfA’s :stuck_out_tongue:

(Daltor) #78

Storywise? I doubt it. Not unless we keep pulling WoD’s.
We have N’zoth, Sargarass, Vlords and Lich king left.
All other classic villains are gone.

And if BFA’s story is anything to go by, a respectable death would be better than a slow decay into horrific rot.


On this note I’d love some “rest time”. You know like being send into the future by Bronze Flight, so that there should be time for new villain to appear/situation to rose.

In terms of how many villains are left, there is unlimited potential, if they make clever steps.

(Tahra) #80

Or… They’ll just be hosting an updated version of Brewfest (with the old one still being available in their old spots). No allied race, just a bunch of drunk foxes.