Mechagnome should have had options for how robbotic their limbs were

So that players could choose normal arms/legs but robotic hands/feet or only 1 side robotic.

Also 3d models from armor should have been shown even if the base was hidden due to the robotic limb.

This way the customization options wouldn’t be as limited as they are now.

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Says a worgen… holy
jk, but yea they should…

They slack

I never get the people who want to hide the mechanical parts of their mechagnome. Do you want your Maghar to have green skin too ?

Because the underwear options they have now is so good?

Yes just yes 100% yes

Why the underwear ? We are talking limbs here.

I like how Mechagnomes turned out more disappointing than Nightbourne.

At last fair treatment.

Nightborne male forever.

to be fair if it was a thing IRL i would change every part apart from my brain to machine parts.
So I get why the gnomes would not just chose to have 1 arm.

Well at least we have more than 3 faces.


Cause their robotic legs aka limbs are overriding the actual armor.

just make their bottom half 100% robotic, i dont wanna see their damned diapers.

Because the whole point of the race is to have robot limbs ? If armor covered it they would be just gnomes.

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