Mechagon and Nazjatar Essence Acquisition in Visions of N’Zoth

In Visions of N’Zoth, we’re making changes to the acquisition of Essences related to the Rise of Azshara zones. Our goal here is to lessen the effort needed to acquire Essences from Nazjatar and Mechagon for new and returning players as we want players to feel able to focus on content updated in Visions of N’Zoth.

  • Reputation requirements for Nazjatar and Mechagon vendor-sold Essences have been reduced from Honored/Revered/Exalted for ranks 1/2/3 to Friendly/Honored/Revered.
    • Acquisition of Rank 4 of these Essences is unchanged.
  • The follower experience requirements for Ranks 2 and 3 of Memory of Lucid Dreams have been reduced from 3000/6000 to 2400/4800.
  • Players who are Revered with their respective Nazjatar reputation may now exchange Manapearls for Bind-to-Account reputation tokens.

We expect the addition of account-bound rep tokens for Nazjatar to complement the existing account-bound reputation token that is craftable in Mechagon, providing an option for players who have already unlocked the Rank 3 Essence on their main to speed up their progression towards it on their alts.

The changes above should become testable in a new update to the Visions of N’Zoth PTR in the next couple of weeks.

Right, so instead of grinding 20 days for Rank 3 Lucid in Nazjatar, now it is 16 days. Erm… Thanks?

Not nearly what I was waiting for, maybe slash it by half at least? Even then the time gate remains which does not make it whole lot better. This nerf is something we would expect in 8.2.5 but for 8.3 I am sure you can do better. Hopefully other essences would follow similar trend as well?


What do you mean “Grind”

16 days of 3 dailies a day that take 5 mins each.
Also its not 16 cause you can just go and clear the tree rare once a week.

If you want power on a character work for it. 3 dailies a day for less then 2 weeks cause of the rare trees is nothing of a “grind”

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Sorry, I failed to mention this is about alts from the begining. I roll many alts on lvl 120 so multiply that work X times and suddely it just kills those characters simply because its dead borring and none of us will choose to play sub optimal characters. It was perfectly maintainable before 8.2, now I can only muster two characters and the others are not seeing any play - I just play much less.

We have other grinds like neck and ilvl which I am totally ok with, new patch will also introduce cloak farm. I do not think we need yet another grind - time gated, which makes it the worst, especially because its also dated content. Makes sense?

Yeah this is just sad… I just don’t understand you blizz why you make us have to go out and farm the same stuff again when most of us have already done everything on our mains. it’s not fun, it’s not engaging, it’s so boring I wanna die inside to do it again. Just please make it account wide and it’s fixed (from my perspective) and like I don’t geniunly see any issues with it. Then people can actually play on their alts finally without logging in to their characters and then realizing there’s no reason to log in and play on it since you don’t have essences… Either account wide everything or slash it off everything by 50% of the time requirement if your so desperate that you want your community to waiste their time on repetitive boring content.


For the love of god, make them account bound already.
The system was added as a band-aid, why make people grind the same BS content over and over!
Oooo rep token which are 100 rep each, really thanks! /s


What are you going to do about Condensed Life-Force? If someone returns in 8.3, because they want to raid Nyalotha, it’s going to be hell to raid EP, because most current players will consider it obsolete content and the essence is really strong for many specs.

No. These need to be account bound.

And for mechagon the cost needs to be reduced as well. For a monk or Druid you need 30+30+40 crates, that’s 100 spare crates. That’s 25000 spare parts.

Oscillators are no longer an issue since you can transmute them.

Just make them account bound.


ty, but it’s too little too late
also, it only comes live on 8.3 which is 2 months from now (!)
i want to play my alts but having to unlock it all over and over again just drains my soul

please consider making essences account-wide (or some variation of it)

I remember Ian said in the 8.2 Q&A that the requirements of the essence will never change!
But now you are changing it, which is unfair.
Why would a new player get lucid rank3 faster than how i got it a few months ago?
Instead, the real justice and simplicity is, same requirement, account wide, since a player done this once, he can use it wherever he want, it’s really that simple.
For raid essence, idk, maybe shift it to the new raid.
So it’s not only not enough for alts, it’s unfair.
The content is really dry and updates are slow, this is making it even worse, stop the stubbornness.

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That would be a sensible solution, but I wouldn’t be surprised, if Blizzard doesn’t do this.

Well until they become account bound, non of my alts are getting played and that seems to be the sentiment for most of my guild.

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Sounds like most players agree that playing alts are painful because essences are not account bound.

Recently I have leveled up my druid to heal M+, but I’m so turned off by grinding Nazjatar and Mechagon again. I have seen both zones and done all content they offer. Tbh I feel like just ditching my druid and go back to my shaman even though my shaman is decently geared, hence there’s not much to achieve outside raiding.

Playing on alts is really what makes this game have a ton of replay value. It’s fun to gear up several alts and play both dps, tank and healer, but the essence grinding is just too much.


I know account-wide is too much to ask for, but really why not just make it so if you already obtained all ranks from the vendor, you’re other characters on the same account get a discount on it, similar to the discount you get for purchasing the next essence for the other specialization.

The amount of spare crates are the same, this really REALLY needs to change.

This is not good enough. Not even close. Get it together, already.

This should been account-wide unlocks from day ONE. Nothing else.