Memory of lucid dreams rank 3 achievement

WHY shall I be forced into a minor aspect of the game - pet battles - for this rank?

AT very least make an alternative achievement to complete this. FX nuke all rares in Mechagon and Nazjatar.

Isn’t the third rank obtained by getting 6k follower exp, and the fourth rank through the achievement “Aqua team murder force” (get all followers to 30)? which part is requiring pet battles?

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Speaker Utia sells the essence for 50 prismatic manapearls. Named Pearl of Perspicuous intentions.

Requires “Nautical Battlefield Training” which means win over all battlepets in Nazjatar.

GL and H5 achieve rank 3 when u have totally skipped pet battles in WoW.


You don’t need to do Pet Battles at all for rank 3 Lucid lmao.
Nautical Battlefield Training is 6k exp among all the followers (or just one).

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You mixed up the achievements totally, they are two different ones.

It has nothing to do with pet battles guys…
You have to level up your nazjatar followers. Upon reaching 6k combined xp on your 3 followers you will get the rank 3 essence.

This is ranking up your Bodyguard friends in Nazjatar, nothing to do with Pet Battles :slight_smile:
Not sure how you got those mixed up but the others in the thread here are correct, no pet battles involved.

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I think the most important question is: Why is there no Essence awarded by Pet Battles? Pet Battles are more popular than many of the sources that actually do award them. There is also non related to professions.

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