<Mercenary Guild> Horde

I am here to announce a new guild for Gehennas EU Horde server

The Mercenary Guild are looking for deeply relaxed and matured people that are not into raiding or endgame content. Nomad folks in other words.

What do we do?

The Merc Guild are a boosting and bodyguard service for people who need that extra fire power for those who leveling or has problem with elite quests. For a coin of course.

An example; People will be able to contact an Merc to offer a coin for an hour bodyguard duty.


Are you the man who search the little extra? Are you that lone fisher at the shore that need a break from fishing?

Contact Bananwarrior trough /W, or you can send a in game letter if there are any questions.


Language: ENG

LVL Req: 60

Preferd age, Boomer

Have respectful attitude.

Guild size goal, 4 to 20 people.

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