Merge EU and NA for fresh

merge EU and NA servers for fresh

and merge with asia too

and dont create dead realms

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You seem to be under the false impression that they care.


true man its just sad ofc

Will be great when the tank and healer have 0.5-1s delay on everything they do.

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it would be playable and ppl already test it successfully on private test realms.

It was less laggy than spell batching itself

Actually it wasnt laggy at all and there were no layers but huge population and you can watch proof videos on youtube

There will always be lag when you combine diff continents.

People don’t care for fresh. I don’t want it, people don’t want it. Perhaps 2000 total ppl on EU TOPS.

So its not gonna happen.

USA, EU and Asia versions of the game always had different databases, it’s not possible to merge them.

Why are people against it though?

Shouldn’t be too hard to create a fresh realm for those 2000 players. I wouldn’t go for a fresh for a couple years, but why should I be against it if some people want it.

That’s exactly what the retail gamers did for years when people asked if they could play vanilla and tbc again. The answer was usually “no, I don’t want to play it, no one wants to play it, actually you don’t want to play it, stop dreaming”

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Thats why pservers had players from all around the world doing raids for years…

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yup its possible for sure

Without lag? Not with the technology we have today.

Not without lag, but again, we’re currently not playing without lag as is, but a global server would be manageable…

OneWeb and StarLink are not ready yet. They will allow to play on US realms to all people from any point of the World with 40-50 ms latency.

ever heard of proxy?

you can already play without lag on NA sure u get higher ping but its playable for sure

just watch payo pvp on EU it works for sure

What does proxy ahs to do with it? Information is not instant it has to be sent and returned.