Merge PvP Servers for WPvP

Where’s my Wpvp? I find it insane that it has been completely removed from the game?! Bring it back immediatly pls


Very easy. change to minority faction.


The majority of players on PvP realms don’t want W-PvP.


The so called “WPVP” is a rogue twink opening you or a skulled player opening you. If you want an “authentic WPVP” experience you could join the upcoming HC realms and enable PVP* from the start.

*Please note that the other party must also have PVP enabled and can enable PVP at any moments notice therefore having a headstart over you if you’re PVP enabled.


They’d need to disable paid transfers off such a merged server to avoid another collapse and I doubt Blizzard would willingly disable one of the biggest money makers in Classic

Somebody has to open in world pvp. Well, in any pvp really. Complaining about people opening on you is like complaining that you don’t get next season pvp gear before everyone else can.

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any facts to back up this claim ? or are you just talking out of your behind once more ?

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Look at all the Wrath PvP realms, one sided, and the one that was almost equal was abandoned by the horde and is now 99% alliance, proof enough?


It’s hard to say exactly, but at least a population-significant number does not want world pvp. By “population-significant” I mean a number that could trigger a mass change in general player population, for example a migration that would pull pvpers with it, because they’d want to stay with the guildies they are already friends with. I can’t say whether that number is 30%, 40%, 50%, 70%, or 99%, but it is something that you need to take into account when discussing server merges, because otherwise the only effect will be Blizzard getting a few hundred thousand euros off paid transfers.

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if Blizzard announces PVP realms without war mode at retail and opens the transfer, those realms will be full in no time

if Blizzard announced a WotLK realm with a fixed 50/50 faction balance, where the creation of new characters on the majority side would be temporarily blocked after reaching 55%, this realm would be insane popular


Given that every single server has arranged itself to be mono faction it seems that the evidence of this is rather self evident

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not as evident as your confusion of “majority don’t care” with “majority don’t want”

If you want to PvP press H and you’ll get a menu that you can queue from to any battle ground.
or Visit Wintergrasp/Wintergrasp battle master every 3 hours.
Or visit one of the many Arena masters across Azeroth and Outlands.

World PvP is a boomer nostalgia day dream that died in Classic as soon as Battlegrounds were introduced.

A queue started for one faction on IDK 60:40 ratio would be a nice solution for PVP realms too. You don’t need to block character transfer or creation. This server would be balanced all the time. I would go there with all char instantly and all my friends who is still playing too.

Outside of the extremely tiny but vocal forum minority nobody has ever cared about wpvp beyond vanilla p2. Making any changes to servers in any way to appease these people would be a mistake and is not worth even the energy to refute.

The majority has spoken and wants pve only servers.


The question is, why do you have to go on every thread about WPVP and tell us nobody wants that? You seem like a vocal minority here. Why do you even care? Just play on a PVE server. If the majority want PVE servers, they should play on PVE servers. It is that easy.
BTW, monofaction servers don’t exist because people want PVE servers, but it would be a waste of time to try to explain anything to you.


WPvP is fine. What are you talking about?

Doing it almost every day when farming dailies. Sometimes unfair, sometimes 1v3, sometimes 80 vs 75 lvl, sometimes it’s happening between PvP players with decent arena rating.

To answer your (not) question… European players just don’t want to play game this way.
It’s not fun for them. Then logging one time per week during raidtime. That’s it.

Not the game, but playerbase.

Yeah imo the game just feels incomplete without wPvP.
A decent solution would be if Blizz created a new realm, to which everyone could migrate for free, with an enforced faction balance. I don’t see it happening this far into the expansion though sadly.

So you want to delete Alliance from all pvp servers? Cool.

Your server is horde dominated and you posting from a horde character. Ofc you enjoy it.

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