Middle class in arena gone?

It was starting to get noticeable little by little throughout Shadowlands, and now in Season 1 of Dragonflight its more noticeable then ever. 1300 is the new 1800. Now every other game is VS old glads and mega tryhards with perfect setups and godlike damage rotations and positioning. Where did all the average players go?

You either play against drooling keyboard turners or sweaty blizzcon qualification game, theres no middle ground anymore?

Sure, i could “Git gud”. Buy some skillcapped subscription and install 350 different addons and drink 4 redbulls and snort substances but thats not what i call having fun.

With that said, i guess i’ll see you guys down in the dumpsters at the 1200 bracket!

Have a great week!


Solo Q just have people realize how good LFG always have been
If anything it is the bottom to middle of a triangle going out

2s and 3s participation crumbling are to be expected

Solo shuffle

There are many sensible solutions to deal with a varying participation in a ladder, including % based rewards like before bfa with rating decay to discourage sitting, but we aren’t getting any, don’t be fooled.

Blizzard may as well cross the Rubicon and officially announce the death/obsolescence of 2vs2 and 3vs3 and remove it from the game at that point and only focus on shuffle and RBGs.


Its called boosting. People got tired of glads carrying people for irl money. Thats why you only see either very bad or very good players.

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