Midsummer - Any guide?


Just wondering if there’s any guide to this event. It was a long time ago since I did it in TBC, so I’ve forgotten just about everything except Ahune in Slave Pens I think it was. I checked the launcher, wowhead and MMOChampion, couldn’t find anything there. An overview would be nice, if anyone could point me to it. Thanks!

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There isn’t much to it apart from the odd epic from SP.

Go around the world, honor/extinguish the flames, spend the goodies on consumables for +hit, +spell power or def. Oh and you should be getting a pretty good buff at the flames… it’s actually broken at low levels, my hunt at lv18 was doing +180 raw fire damage with a ~20% chance on auto shots. It was funny to see those numbers flying :joy:

Alright. Yeah, personally I don’t need the food, but the 20 defense is nice for tanks that aren’t capped and the +44 healing seems really good for healers over all. I am questing with my level 22 warrior in Ashenvale, the proc of 220 damage is a third of the health of mobs or more :laughing:. So that buff is permanent, or is there something that you have to do in order for it to remain up?

All I know is that your bonfire needs to stay lit, so if you lose the buff and you’re nearby, use a flower.
Oh and since this toon of yours is lv22, grabbing the +20 hit food won’t hurt. :wink:

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Would be interesting

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Did Ahune. In case anyone is wondering how he works,

  • First phase is adds phase. Tank on the big guy, the smaller ones die quite easy. During this phase Ahune takes 75% less damage.
  • Phase two. During this phase Ahune takes full damage, pop all CDs. No adds will spawn.
  • Repeat until dead.

Also, Ahune and the adds are immune to frost. :frowning: (Fun fact, water elemental refuses to attack Ahune)

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