Midsummer zone NPC'S

I am making there assumption that there are NPC’s that allow you go back in time before BfA to access Darkshore, Tirisfal Glades and Silithus so you can complete the achievements. Does anyone have co ordinates or even general locations for them. I can’t find them, so am wondering if they actually exist. Thanks in advance

I don’t have the coordinates, because I don’t use any addons.

If you are on a horde char, you can take the transporations orb from Silvermoon, and it will place you next to the her…

For Darkshore:

For Silithus:


They should also all be indicated on the map with a speech bubble icon.


Zidormi can also appear in Arathi Highlands, Blasted Lands, Dustwallow Marsh and Kun-Lai Summit
I’m not sure how she manages to be in all these places and keep track of all the different timelines that are involved, just thinking about it makes my head spin :smiley:

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Oh but I think I know :smirk:

Or maybe sevenlings? :thinking:

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The default UI shows speech bubbles on the map where Zidormi is. You don’t need coords.

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