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For those who played Vanilla far more than me, I would like to ask you: how important is min maxing in vanilla ? Will it make a huge difference in finding a guild ?

A little background, I love to tank, ive been doing it for many many years and as such I will main a warrior tank, I would like to play an undead female warrior because of her spin attack animations and the name I chose for her fits really well in a female undead, WOTF can have some uses but not as much on a warrior because they already have one fear break.
On the other side, trolls are the best warrior tanks in the horde side due to the extra threat I can have with berserking at lower HP, I also like female trolls but not as much as fem undeads.
Should I pick the female troll for min/maxing purposes or is it ok to stick with the female undead for tanking ?

Thanks for your input guys :).


Honestly orc would be the better choice due to their weapon skill racial, it sure makes humans the best tanks on alliance side, but it’s not a deal breaker.

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There is no single answer to this. It depends on your class, role and ambitions. For example you don’t need many tanks in a raid so those slots will be harder to come by. Even then connections matter more than racials but I suppose it will occasionally come down to racials. For dungeons on the other hand it makes no difference whatsoever because tanks are insanely sought after there.

Really the answer is more a perception than reality based requirement. You don’t “need” a min/max tank to raid with. People just tend to prefer having one for mostly psychological reasons.

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