Mind wipes on Conclave

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Out of interest, how do healers keep track of mind wipes that need to be dispelled on Conclave?

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By having a good raidframe? Or what do you mean?

On many raidframes you can edit some of the debuffs to be more visible.


I use vuhdo addon and any player with Mind Wipe have blue colored frame.

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I just want to know how healers know which players they need to dispel.

Ok thanks.


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I don’t use a specific healing addon, but ElvUI raid frames automatically turn a slightly different color if someone has a debuff your spec can dispel so I manage easily with that. As for the order, unless I’m being a cheeky priest and Mass Dispelling, it’s whoever is the fastest. We never sorted out specific dispels to healers.

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Ok thanks.

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It’s really visible in the default UI as well. The healer UI looks a little different than the DPS UI, just so you know.

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Ok thanks.

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