Mini Tyrael Pet NPC

Hello, Just curious if this had been address in the past or not so forgive me. Did a bit of searching and couldn’t find a definitive answer so again, if its obvious and I’ve missed it please forgive me.

I have Mini Tyrael from attending the World wide invitational in 2008, I have my lanyard + photos and memories from the event. Towards the end of TBC is when this event happened and timeline in classic wise it’s about now that the NPC is implemented or maybe in pre-patch to Wrath. To simplify what I’m asking is, I own this pet on “current” servers, am I able to claim this on Classic when the NPC comes out or is this a case of bad beats + tough luck. Other things like Tabard of Flame I can’t go to Llandro and claim so I’m assuming this is a lost cause, but I submitted a suggestion in game after being informed that’d be a good idea from a GM ticket response…

Anyways, no more wall of text.
Cheers for your time & hopefully I can have my lil guy floating about with me in Classic too. Cheers!