<Mischief> [H] is recruiting Healer for heroic Raiding



Faction: Horde

Raidtimes: Wednesday & Sunday - 19:15 - 22:30 Server Time

Progress: 8/8 heroic, 2/8 mythic

Mischief is a heroic-raiding guild.

Founded at the end of Legion we quickly became a full functioning guild with a Main- and Alt-Raids.

Our goal for 8.0 was to clear heroic Uldir, which we successfully achieved and even got to kill a couple of mythic bosses. With Siege of Dazar’alor opening soon, we are looking to expand our roster and make our way through heroic into mythic raiding. We are therefore recruiting heroic raiders, who are willing to learn and invest time into heroic and mythic progression.

Mischief offers you a fixed raiding spot, small and personal guild environment, organized M+ runs and PVP.

Raid Needs:

1 Healer: Mistweaver Monk (or Resto Druid)


Above 375 ilvl

Willingness to learn and improve

Knowledge about bosses, abilities and addons


Xor#2162 (bNet)

Xor#7314 (discord)

discord.gg/8sTNKbz channel: #application

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