Missing "A lesson to be learned" quest?

I’m trying to get the aquatic form as a Worgen druid, but I don’t have the quest for it? Is it some another quest that you can get it from or am I just bugged?

You gotta quest for it? Isn’t it just what Travel Form becomes when you’re in water?

I believe you unlock the from through quests from what I have seen from googling

“A Lesson to Learn” was the old way to learn Aquatic form, way way back in Classic :slight_smile:

That’s no longer the case (since Legion) so your worgen druid would simply need to be under water and use Travel Form for it to use your Aquatic form.

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Ooh Thanks! :smiley:, would have saved me a lot of time before lmao. The aquatic form image in the spellbook is pretty deceiving.

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