Missing Sinister Gladiator's Plate Elite set parts

(Agrias) #1

So I started some arena games and reached 1600+ and I noticed that I have only 3/9 Elite set pieces Legs, Gloves, Boots and that I’m missing reward for 1400+ Belt and Bracers in my appearance tab. I know I should get them because a friend I played with all the games got them. I tried contacting GM twice but they said they can’t help and that I should report it as a bug which tbh everyone knows won’t help me because no one cares about such single random bugs enough to fix it. So I dunno what to do now I only play arena for that set which I won’t be able to collect because of some bug and that makes me wanna just quit playing.

Edit: oki the 3rd GM finally fixed the problem. cheers.


Happy to hear that’s been sorted Agrias.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!