Missing the old Crashing Storm talent animation in patch 10

The Shaman has some of the most visually appealing spell animations in the game (Crash Lightning, Elemental Blast, Sundering, Chain Lightning, all the water-like healing spells) and it’s one of the main reasons I like playing this class. I noticed in the 10.0.0 patch, the Crashing Storm talent and animation is gone. It was the extention for Crash Lightning: it electrocutes the ground and does damage over time to enemies standing in it.

This was such an amazing animation! The blue electrified ground looked similar to other ground AoE spells such as Consecration and Death and Decay, but the blue color contrasted often a lot more with the environment, making it really stand out. I think it had added value to feeling powerfull as an enhancement shaman.

Any plans of getting the animation back, perhaps just added it to the animation for Crash Lightning for a second, without the damage over time element?


Agree, but did they now at least add a sound to Fire Nova, I believe so?

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