Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Sets

Hello Blizzard Entertainment,
hello dear readers,

I’m reaching out to you with a big please.

It has been a long time since the Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode sets have arrived and many of us have swapped their mains since then.

I am here to kindly ask you if there was a possibilty to make those sets unlock Accountwide (not on the same character) - or let the Characters which have earned it buy something for once so that you can unlock the set on another Character.
The people able to do it back then with their respective mains would definitley be able to do that again with their nowadays main.

For example: I am able to wear the Elite PvP plate sets on my Death Knight - even though I did not earn it on him and have no clue about the class. Someone’s able to use the Gladiator title/mount on their alts even though they didn’t earn it on them.

I hope you are reaching out in that matter because a lot of us would be pleased by this change.
Kind regards

its been a long time since i failed to heal magetower aswell

100% support this, make them available & soloable for people, they are cosmetics & have no impact on the game.

I support this too
They can bring MOP recolored sets back via MOP timewalking special challange mode run
and WOD can be done same way
after all m+ was inspired by that feature so it will be not hard to implement it in game
And today blizzard put unique guardian druid form for time walking mage tower
so there is no point to act like these items are prestigious anymore

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