Mistweaver statue needs to be brought in line with other totems

(Theremistra) #1

Let’s see: No cooldown (10s is a joke)
No mana cost
Has player level of HP
Why does it not have 5 hp like every other totem-like ability in the game? It never despawns and has no effective cooldown like water totems. So it’s effectively a stronger totem that cannot be killed and even when it somehow is can be immediately resummoned at no cost.

(Defuzed) #2

Every other totem doesn’t have 5 hp btw.


Are we really getting to the level where we beg for stuff like this…?

(Dameg) #4

why does everything need to be the exact same as other classes?


How is monk statue a problem exactly

(Stormenson) #6

1iq . Now i get why blizz never answers to this pvp posts.

(Nuvic) #7

It stops casting after some time, also it is a talent.

(Wizgub) #8

There are plenty of problems with MW. Jade statue is not one of them. What an odd thing to complain about

(Lightness) #9

MW monks are problematic. Especially if you are fury warrior and they keep on runing from you.

(Nuvic) #10

Lol. Mongo fury can burst down MW in their short stun with a little help from their healer.

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