MM dead talents (unusable at all)

Can we talk how MM talents class tree has basically talents that can’t be used, as MM dont have kills order ?
How did it went unseen for so long or why do people tend to just ignore it, can’t we ask for viable talent for mm on this side of the tree ? Pretty sure MM is the only spec to have talents that are basically unusable because you don’t have the skill related.

Restate the pet to MM! Problem solved :smiley:

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Well, I’ve seen talents like that in my BM tree too, and in almost every talent on all my characters.

Worse, most of those are nodes required to unlock things that are actually useful !

Yes, you cold get a pet out to use the Kill Commands and various pet boosts, but then you’d lose that magnificient damage bonus from not having a pet out.

I’m not good enough at math to grind the numbers myself, but I have a RL friens that plays a Markswoman, and he told me that when he tries to solo some encounters, the loss of Damage due to getting a pet out is compensated by having the pet tanking instead of his character taking the hits.

I’d say it’s a design choice by Blizzard to prevent everyone and every class/spec to always get the optimal nodes and only those, but I’m starting to see that with the ability to save various Talents configs and switch them by clicking two buttons and a menu, we can actually tailor our Talents to the type of content we’re doing, so I don’t think it’s as horrible as I first thought.

*boost lone wolf


Eh they wont do it.

I wish they made lone wolves pet utility avaliable for MM tho.


While I dont mind adjusting (having a pet out for ST phases/bosses more or less compensates), MM having no pet utility kinda sucks on that front.

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