Mob tagging just for the kill


I only use classes that can tag multiple mobs from afar and take a beating.

So if I come across your path, just stop beating the monster and let it come to me. Either way my hunter/guardian druid/brewmaster monk won’t notice the difference between 10-11 mobs and will be happier cause I don’t have a loot-a-rang.

PS: I do that even if the mob is grey for me, I have never cared about such things, just kill everything on sight.


Randoms that come and dot the mob and run away are helping you to kill that mob. They probably run away to dot more mobs. At least that is what I find to be the case most of the time, I don’t mind it. Anything that increases the speed of mob going down, it helps.

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The guy complains about someone killing his mob in a damn MMO. I’m done X_x

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After this thread I actually pondered in-game if my moonkin helps or doesn’t help them. And most cases I feel my dots likely do twice as much damage as they do on their own. Of course I will run and dot everything that runs. This is what moonkins do ! And as shadowpriest i cannot see myself sitting only on one angry beast. Of course I’d pull plenty o’more.

One really cannot judge certain specs doing dot and run. I truly do not see myself casting starfire, how boring and long spell. Of course I run around like a chicken.

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Randoms that do this to me, are replied with the taste of their own medicine.
But I also encourage randoms to help fighting mobs if they are sharable, more often than not that favour is returned.

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And now I can’t skin what I wanted to skin because they ran off without looting.
See the problem now?


Ask them to come back, I do when someone asks me too. I also loot any junk from a mob, even if they didn’t hit it when that random skinner comes by and asks me to free it up for skinning.


You shouldn’t be skinning anything in game or out.
Animal rights.

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I’m an animal that kills other animals. Where’s your god now?


Waiting for those mighty starsurges to occur!


do werewolfs count as animals, since they can turn back into human?

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We’re all part of the animal kingdom so yes.


human is an animal, but an animal isnt a human.


Wow how can this bother someone? I do it too with my balance druid, I dot everything within range around me to make big pulls and AoE them down. I don’t really care if someone is already fighting some mobs. Either I will kill them or another players kill them. Thats how it works.

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What’s more annoying is when you play a tank spec and half the casters on map feel the need to bring mobs into your aoe.

I’m done with the quest, I’m not your daddy to do stuff for you. Kill your own mobs.


I always warn people around me: if you touch my plate it’s under your responsibility, I don’t wanna hear your whining about a fork that stabbed your hand.


This issue annoys me to the point where I no longer quest or kill mobs while levelling. Getting 1,200 XP per kill and then seeing it cut to 30 per kill because some max level jerk wants to knock off the last 5% of every mob I spend my time killing, I find unacceptable.

Somebody following you around for just a few minutes doing this, negates any improvement from rested XP or warmode or the anniversary buff or anything else, at least for kills.

I know blizzard would say it’s that way to stop people boosting, but if someone’s got to lose something to prevent exploits it shouldn’t be the original player who was killing the mob. The interloper should lose XP and gold instead of gaining it if they don’t make a decent contribution to the kill.


as someone who has to do the open world stuff as healer: thanks to everyone who lets me tag their mobs because i would take ages for them on my own. :kissing_heart:

i usually heal and try to deal damage though.

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I sometimes feel its cruel, when I starsurge on a mob on its low HP and I see a paladin trying to run and tag it. It’s like me having a mean bully laughter on the paladins movement speed.

But in topic in general, i can safely say about myself that if people see me taging next, next and next mob is likely because I am doting them up, or am trying to aggro enough for frost orb, or whatever big spell current character has.

I know there are those tag-runners occasionally, but I am not one of those.

Now this I find annoying, when people bring random stuff into your AOE. Happens in nazjatar, where you can pull the quest mob out of the adds and the aoe pylons, and then some guy flies in with their million snapdragons and rays.

I understand if the mobs that get hit with my aoe were part of the objective and even when I do not need them, its ok - i understand. This named mob has spawn timer and other player wanted to tag it so they do not have to wait. I understand. But bring in some completely random mobs and as bonus be from opposite faction… argh.

Thank Elune (and Blizzard) for shadowmeld.


I think Blizzard should provide the option to enjoy a zone alone, and optionally only allow guild members and friends to enter, this would definitely streamline the experience.