Mob tagging just for the kill

You’re one of those people who use popular phrases because you can’t create any of your own? :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:


Specially leeches, who wait for you to pull then tag them and wait for you to loot them and go away before they loot & skin em

I just leave them un-looted

Well, I guess I’ll leave it at that. Lol

All in all i’m not whining about Shadow Priest open world performance, i’m talking about noobs who are tagging mobs and not helping to kill them, which makes our life harder.

Do what I do and just tickle the enemy you’re trying to kill soon as you see someone tag it run off. Or even better.

If Im in tank mode (usually am) I’ll gather as much as I can which I do anyway then chase the tagger so he/she either gets swamped so they have to do something or the pack of meanies all jump on their head when I let them kill me. I always enjoy the angry whispers afterwards as well.


Hyprocrite lol.

I mean I play with the pvp talent that make damage recharge my shield and I just go around pulling everything while dot do the work.

Also iris melt everything in open world.

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You can’t stop leaching in retail, but you can in classic :smirk:

Your disability to understand what you read doesn’t mean i’m hypocrite.
I said it takes long to kill those high hp monsters as Shadow, and especially for US mobs getting 50% hp is not nice. OFC i can dot everything around and wait minute while it all will die, but calling it “melting mobs” is just nonsence.


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Hahahahaha, nice one :smiley:

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I cannot complain about my shadow lady in world … in fact both of them do ok. I have slower classes… like the bloody warlocks …

funnily Id have said its mainly doomchickens and healer priests that do this the most to me.
Ive no issue with any healer doing it but it does annoy me seeing a doomchicken doing it.
hey ho, life goes on and this entire issue will evaporate from my mind in 10 seconds …
erm no hang on …

what were you saying?

if you tag & run off then you better bet your bottom dollar that i will tag every mob you’re fighting & run off.

it also depends on the power level of the mob. if its regular mob then i dont want your help, but if its an elite or a rare then feel free to join me.

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Just once and to be exact it was my dinner plate, bastard just walk in and took food with hand and start eating… I was in shock and couldn’t do anything in long time (5+ sec) :smiley:

And to others, problem isn’t only mob HP. just knowing that you are helping some loser. if I would be feral, I could stealth with ‘king of the jungle’. but then I would lost my kill. and there is really little mobs on nazjatar (I think I was doing kill 15 naga kill)

Tho, last weekend I was killing elites near naga place, some bloody hunter come every time even there was a lot free elites… and he didn’t really need help. (tho, atleast he ‘helped’ to kill it… maybe he looked my gear and tough that I need help :smiley:

I just dont get why… its bloody annoying that you are just killin really high HP mob and some one come and hit once. It’s just RUDE (and Im talking ppl who actually wait, not those who just fly there and tag, its ok. if its daily quest boss etc.) but those who wait near and do nothing. GRRR!

has happend to me a few times, or actualy quite a lot, well as an hunter it normaly do not matter at all, but still annoying, once when an other ally did it to me, and ran like 30 yards away killing a few other mobs, and left me whit the rare, I dissmised my pets ran up to him, said to me excuse me you forgot help kill this mob, and then I shadow melded and waited for him to die, he was not max level so stood no chance to the buffed mob. once he came back he helped me kill the mob and even thanked me lol.

Personally I don’t care unless the mobs health goes up because the second person tags it. If they do that I wait until they’re out of range, and then reset the mob just because. I don’t really care if I’m wasting my own time, I’m not about to let some random dude just come in there, make things harder and then go off on his merry way. If they help me, that’s fine, or if it doesn’t increase the mobs health.

Yeah. Multiple Meanies Online.


Annnddd am ded… haha!

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There’s nothing wrong with it, you get what you needed and they get theirs.

They are not sitting there waiting for you to kill whatever it is, instead it is them arriving at a fortunate time.

If you want that experience of mobs being tagged to the player rather than faction, install classic and feel free to enjoy the frustation it brings. In classic you have 10 to 30 people camping each spawn of each monster and you spend up to 4 hours waiting to complete a single quest.

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