Mog appearing from an instance I never cleared

So today I logged onto my rogue, which I haven’t done since BFA days.

Under ‘Sets’ I discovered the rogue has a few items from ‘The Nighthold’ and other raids that they have never even been to. He is levelling in WoD. This is my only rogue and as these are class sets I am confused as to how I got them.

Has the restriction of alts which are other classes dropping the gear been removed?
i.e. If my warrior drops a rogue piece in ToS does my rogue now get the xmog?

Any explanation appreciated…


nope. it can only happe if you have for instance a say druid and this druid got a piece of armor that looks like a rogue piece. There are always some that are not class specific but still get credit due to the same appearance.

also many appearances from Nighthold can be found as non class bound items in the Nightmare raid instance too.

Hey Anaxxion,

Some extra information, that you may find useful can be found here.

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