Mograine Alliance <Halo> recruiting

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen as the post state’s above Halo is recruiting people for our main roster.

We are recruiting 1 Mage 1 Holy or Disc Priest and 1 Warrior tank of course any exceptional player will be considered.

We are currently Running a roster of 41 and our only raid day is on Sunday from 18:00 till 23:30ST.

For loot we don’t run LC or DKP system but instead we choose to use a system called Onslaught which is used by one the top Horde guild’s in WOW Classic.
To explain it in sort, you get a list and you have to fill up in what order you want to get the item’s that you choose ,so pretty much you make your own BIS list and your own priority on the item’s you want.
If two people put an item on the same slot then they just roll for it.

Now for consumable’s and World buff’s:
ZG buff and Onyxia are mandatory but DMT is not , you can get that if you want ofc though.
For consumable’s we have Mandatory 2x GSPP For Loatheb 2x GFPP For Sapphiron.
On Sapphiron and KT we go with full consumables on the rest of the bosses its up to you but the majority of the guild like’s to use most if not all the consumable’s in all the bosses since it make’s it faster and its more fun for most.

Now a little bit about our history as a guild:
We started raiding end of September when classic came out and we haven’t stopped raiding since then.
Our basic mentality in the guild is that we raid only on Sunday since the beginning we don’t have a second mandatory raid day and that will never change when it comes to classic.
Also we proud our self’s in been a helpful ,kind and respectful guild in the Mograine community ,the same way we raid.

Logs of the guild are here:

If after reading all this you feel this is the place for you then contact me in-game or in discord.
My btag in game is Edle#21183
My btag in discord is Absolution#4129

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