Monks damage

fists of fury, dead.

Monks damage is out of control, not to mention all the tools they have. Are they going to continue being this broken?


Very unlikely they’ll do any changes at this point. They’re focusing on dragonflight and feels like they forgot the game is still live


Next expansion, all good stuff always are in next expansion.

They have been broken the entire xpac, thx to modifiers

This applies to a lot of specs, they really need to stop introducing so many of them that can stack.

Oh boy you have no idea what “monk damage is out of control” truly means. And we had to live with it for 2 seasons



This video made me smile and cry.

Yea, but not many classes can proc an extra damage from an extra damage from an extra damage :X Thats like an obvious ability that shouldnt exist in pvp scenarios.

Yes you are right, thing is ww is more frustrating cause you can rofl stomp good player (like wizk for example) and especially for people that don’t have a good understanding of the game.

A bit like ret gatekeeping low cr or mm hunter currently.

From what I’ve heard df is still working that way even without conduit and cov stuff.

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Can confirm some classes got more burst on beta than live atm lol

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