Moonglade (RP) Alliance Reconnections


Hello there from the last remaining member of The Academy :slight_smile:


Those are some names I remember from back in the day. I was the friendly Moonkin in the community raiding group back in Vanilla/TBC. Good times!

Edit: Rather than triple post, I’ll add mine here:

I had 3 actual characters during that time, Cherwina was my main and hasn’t changed since moving to Moonglade from Earthen Ring. I’ll be playing her alt-universe self on Hydraxian Waterlords :slight_smile:

Ifine - Dwarf Paladin. I don’t remember if he was in a guild at the time, was kind of wandering around with a big axe but you might know the name.

Zaggi - Posted above but was, and still is, in The Academy though she’s now the last remaining member.


Also remember you from community raids. Seisence either isn’t playing anymore or is on Argent Dawn (been a while since I heard from them).

(Akamito) #42

Name: Aelruil/Zanathon(?)
Race: Night Elf
Class: Warrior/Rogue
Guild: Shadow Sentinels and another guild I completely forgot about. I want to say The Academy but could be wrong?

I moved over to the US realms at the tail end of Vanilla to play with friends from over the pond. I doubt anyone will remember me but still cool to see so many old Moonglade players out there!

I took the name of this character I play now on retail as inspiration from someone I played with briefly who had a Tauren shaman called Onomito. Shamelessly stole the mito part.


You found two of us.


I recognise a few names here. Lythurienne I remember chatting to you when I played my priest Meicha in Ebon Flame. And hello Arc :smiley:

Name: Rashanne
Class: Night Elf Druid
Guilds: Started with Druid’s Legion, then Free League (yikes), United Exiles, Ebon Flame and Crimson Shadows

Name: Meicha
Class: Night Elf Priest
Guild: Can’t remember the first guild…Ebon Flame and Evolution


:open_mouth: Benedol! Irmagard… Sooo long ago… Hope to see you on Hydraxian RP realm. :slight_smile:


Name: Kellyn, Human, Mage…
Guild: Vir Mortalis
Hopes: Hoping to connect with peeps from VM, other peeps from MG way back when…

You can actually still find me on Moonglade EU, never left… lol. Home is actually the oldest Classic Guild Ebon Flame and still going strong…

I will be on Hydraxian Waterlords RP realm on launch… Same name, different race :wink:

Hope to see you out there!


Good too see you guys are still around. Got my names reserved on Hydraxian Waterlords so I really hope I see you there.


Rolled my very first character on this realm over 14 years ago knowing absolutely nothing about the game, being a clueless kid. Didn’t even know what RP realm meant. Made a human female (ofcourse) mage called Quiles.
Met some people who explained pretty much every aspect of the game to me. I remember a priest called Ortias, a warrior named Eitri, a paladin called Bevan (or Devan?) and a druid called Weide. The guild was Fair Folk, or something like that. I wonder if they’re still around? Haven’t talked to them in over a decade. Looking forward to reliving it in Classic. :slight_smile:


Name: Dolgan
Class: Dwarf Hunter
Guild: Ex-GM of Munchkin and part of the DOA Alliance.

Just seeing if anyone is still around from the DOA days, though I have already spotted Seredipity waves


Vaguely thinking about rolling something for Classic, maybe a dwarf or human. Just for leveling, maybe some super casual raiding if I ever hit 60. Logged in to Moonglade yesterday and my friends list was basically as empty as Ironforge and I guess Fineous had kicked me out of the guild. So thanks for that.

Especially looking for Rav.


DOA! That’s the one I remember. There was also a couple of other names it ended up with by Wrath.


Lots of old farts still around! :smiley:

Name: Avila
Class: Holy Priest
Guilds: Evolution, Crimson Shadows, Vir Mortalis


Name: Llibby
Class: Mage
Race: Gnome
Guild: New Dawn

Recognise a good few names in this topic and hope to meet some of you again in Classic.
I will be rolling onto Hydraxian Waterlords RP and with Chromie turning back the time I will be young again! :grinning:

:wave: to Kathrynn, Cogspark, Benedol, Danniler, Kellyn & Avila… no :wave: for Lieska! :yum:


You are welcome. I hope you enjoyed that life-changing experience.

01-14-2006 ,this day VM was created by me and a few other ( i barely can remember the other cretins) fine human beings.

So many memories.


Sofiana !!! Oh my gosh, tell her Lythurienne says hi, she might even remember!


Yeah nearly 14 years and I still haven’t found an excuse to kick you from the guild :neutral_face: One day.


Greetings and salutations to anyone that recognises this chap (and also to those that don’t).

*tickles everyone in the thread*



Wow, it’s been forever since I played on Moonglade, I played a human warlock named Idarius back then, I don’t expect anyone to remember me, I mostly hung out in Goldshire.

Anyone from Ultra Vires and Suffragium still around? I raided with the people from these guilds back in TBC.

I remember a bunch of names from my time here, Hookoha, Sallara, Catla, Baranor, Primalhunter, Kaizhan, Shadowind, Ruliotrio, Kanuris, Zakuto, Vlar, Racoif, Raghtal, and a whole bunch more.

I’ll be playing on ZT, horde side, who else?